Melfab Engineering Provides Resources Including Conventional And CNC Machining And More

Melfab Engineering is a company that offers services and provides resources in the field of Engineering.

Melfab Engineering is a family-owned business that has been operating for over 30 years. They have a good reputation for their customer service and for their ability to accommodate the demands of their customers. They have a team of skilled technicians wherein some of them have been with them for over 20 years already.

The customers of Melfab Engineering are mostly large firms from different areas like the steel industry, cable industry, water industry, paper mills, glass manufacturing industry and small general manufacturers.

Melfab Engineering offers the top manufacturing solutions and personalized solutions. They also have a guaranteed 24-hour service. Additionally, they have highly skilled personnel. They all have this to guarantee the satisfaction of their customers.

The broad range of resources that Melfab Engineering offers to include both conventional and CNC machining, metal fabrication and sheet metal work. They also have experiences in different areas like manufacturing of special plant, equipment, and accessories in the chemical, cable, mining, and steel manufacturing industries.

The capacities that Melfab Engineering offer include Okuma CNC Lathe, CAD/CAM system, CNC Vertical Machining Centre, and Conventional Machinery.

Under Melfab Engineering, Refine Engineering has been providing high-quality machined parts and repair services to their customers. They provide the best manufacturing solutions that would accommodate the needs of their customers. They also believe that for each part that they produce, it represents the partnership between their companies.  Moreover, Refine Engineering has a reputation for excellence since it is a first-tier supplier to some of Australia’s largest firms.

When it comes to manufacturing, Refine Engineering provides the complete CNC machining solution. From sub-assembly components until the completion of a product, Refine Engineering does their best to meet their customer’s standards. For their capabilities, Refine Engineering has a comprehensive workshop in Altona that has the capability to perform most machining tasks in-house.

When it comes to project management, Refine Engineering is able to manage the plant or product development project of their customers. Additionally, Refine Engineering is excellent when it comes to both long and short-term research and design projects.

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