Natural, scientific and multifuctional TG brand leads the new trend of skin care

Women love beauty. They regard refinement as their belief and pursuit of life, maintain a healthy figure, wear fashionable clothes, and use high-quality skin care products. For a woman who wants to live happily and carefree, resists facial senescence and skin aging, skin care is an integral part of beauty.

TG, the new brand of Guangzhou Yan Mo Bio Technology Co., Ltd., adhering to the “harmony” concept of skin care, combining the internal needs of beautiful women, introduces natural, scientific and multifuctional series products, so that skin has significant promotion in the aspects of tight moisturizing, depth replenishment, brightening skin, nourishing repair and so on, which brings women unparalleled, comfortable and carefree of skin enjoyment with the concept of high end and efficient.


Nature is a brand new concept of skin care, which can directly attack consumers’ hearts. TG series of products are made of natural and precious raw materials, devoting particular care to extraction from natural and without adding, giving natural care for the skin and a feeling of “Water out of hibiscus, natural to carving”, meeting their daily life confidently with original desire aspirations.


TG is a natural scientific makeup and skin care brand, through scientific acquisition of natural precious raw materials, skin care formula and extraction technology, abandoning the harmful ingredients and additives to the skin to achieve a perfect skin care experience.


Under the current living environment, women’s skin problems emerge one after another. The skin care products of single efficacy often fail to meet the needs of women’s skin care. In response to this situation, TG creates a brand new skin care product, which is a skin care experience for women with multiple functions, solutions to various skin problems, a luster of body and mind, and a return to the natural beauty of the skin.

With the fierce competition of various of skin care brands, in order to become the market king, Guangzhou Yan Mo Bio Technology Co., Ltd. believes that it must be innovative, more professional and honest, to become the strong man of the times, and the new TG brand is the representative of this king, leading the new trend of skin care.

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