The Industry of Ticketed Events Moves Forward with New Online Opportunities

Events have been around for many years, from the Colosseum gladiator contests, to Shakespearean plays, now to concerts and sports. Human beings have always enjoyed being entertained, and we have created many events because of that. Back then, people needed to pay in coins to enter an event, but now tickets need to be purchased to enter. 

Before, you would need to go to the ticket booth at the venue and purchase tickets there. But now with modern technology, we can buy our tickets at home. There are many different websites where you can buy tickets for concerts, sports, plays, etc. Prices for tickets range from websites, and to be sure you’re getting a fair deal, Ticket Club compares the prices. So before purchasing a ticket from another site, try this out and make sure you’re not getting ripped off. What’s also great is that now you can choose where you wish to sit when purchasing tickets online. Websites usually have a map of the venue, and sections will display the different price range of tickets. 

Every event is different, as well as ticket, parking, and food prices, seating arrangements, if it’s outdoors or indoors, and how many individuals can attend. For example, when the Colosseum was built almost 2,000 years ago, it is estimated that it was able to seat between 50,000 to 80,000 individuals. But it mostly had an average of 65,000 people in attendance. One of the most popular venues in this modern age is the Staples Center, which first opened in 1999. It has always held some of the biggest sports events, especially since it is the home of the NBA’s Lakers and Clippers. The arena can also seat up to 20,000 people, but it depends on what type of event is being held. For sports, up to 19,000 can be seated, and for concerts it can hold around 20,000 individuals. 

The National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) is a ticket broker group that formed in 1994. NATB wanted to build an industry for the public to protect and create ethical rules, as well as provide a positive experience of the industry. The ticket brokers’ main goal is to promote consumer protection, and to educate the public about their industry. NATB has five missions:

  • Ticket brokers with highest standards of conduct are promoted for reselling event admission tickets

  • Consumers and ticket brokers can buy or sell tickets in secondary marketplaces that are granted permission

  • Protect consumers in secondary ticket markets

  • Consumers can be assured that their interactions with NATB members are with honest and reliable ticket brokers

  • And inform the public more about secondary ticket markets

When planning on attending an event and buying the ticket online, make sure that the website is reliable and authorized to sell tickets. If you’re not able to attend an event and want to sell your ticket, make sure that the secondary marketplace you choose is also an authorized site.

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