Developers Must Be Receptive and Responsive

Once the project is assigned and the team assembled, it is vital that all developers work in the same direction. It is also much more preferable to adopt a more cooperative project management approach. Remember, it is essential to clarify the project objectives (priority #1, and secondary objectives), what is expected of you (deadlines, deliverables, time, and budgets) and the flexibility you can have. At regular intervals, the team should ask questions about how to further improve its efficiency, then adjust its behavior accordingly. 

For example, the control of a KIOSK installation cannot be completed until all the image source equipment has been installed correctly. The objective is to be able to put in place the most appropriate measures at the best time. Therefore, you should be aware of all these facts when working with the Kiosk Manufacturers Association and Industry Group

Customer satisfaction should also be the number one priority. It is necessary to know how to answer the need easily expressed by the customer, with a development which can quickly evolve. I must also acknowledge that proprietary systems are often inflexible and allow only very limited customization.

Hence there also the interest in methods which propose to take the problem from the other end and to adopt an adaptive approach instead of the predictive approach. To be a little more concrete, everyone tries to make the most of the available resources. Identify as soon as possible the means to be implemented.

The objective for teams should be to be sufficiently equipped to “resist” the speeches of salespeople and consultants, and to be better able to integrate the innovations while ensuring an appropriate level of compliance with the methods that are being implemented. It is, therefore, useful to frequently inform the project owner. Remember, project risk management is not a formality. 

Developers must also be receptive and responsive to requests for evolution even if they are already well advanced in development. Also, you should make sure that the plan is solid. One of the first things to do before embarking on a software or web development project is to make sure that it will be possible to overcome any problems. 

It is also essential to make informed choices so as not to fall behind in the planning. Also, do not make the wrong assumptions, such as assuming requirements will not change during the course of the project. Remember, functional versions of the software must be regularly delivered to the customer. 

Also, constraints caused by feature details are often the cause of schedule delays. Remember, you should be aware that a member of the development team must be able to intervene on the code (or computer) of another unavailable member, without having to readapt to the habits of the latter. Indeed, in the case of Microsoft Project, you will directly enter the duration of the tasks, and it will thus be a question of an entry on your part in the software.

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