Youth Motivational speaker’s new inspiring children’s book encourages kids to never give up in the face of adversity

Kace Learns To Fly is a new book by renowned youth motivational speaker Dr. Laymon Hicks that motivates kids to fly high above all oddities and challenges to reach their goals.

Riverview, FL – June 19, 2018 – Parents aspiring to teach kids the value of resilience seem to have a new guidebook now. Leading youth motivational speaker Dr. Laymon Hicks has recently launched his new children’s book that encourages little ones to stand firm against challenges and march ahead with glory. Titled Kace Learns To Fly, the book conveys an uplifting story with a message for children to stay positive, no matter their difficulties.

Kace Learns To Fly was officially released on June 6, 2018. Layered in colorful illustrations, the book extends an optimistic message and shares insights on how to make it big in life despite one’s challenges.

The book revolves around the story of little Kace, the youngest of all his brothers and sisters in the family. Unfortunately, Kace is not exactly a quick learner unlike his siblings, and naturally, he faces a hard time in learning things and growing up. However, Kace is a fighter. He knows his obstacles, but instead of lamenting over them, he is determined to fight against the odds to reach his goals.

“I am excited to announce the launch of my new book Kace Learns to Fly. It’s all about teaching young people that failure is a part of life and that if you are willing to work hard and keep your head up- everything is possible”, stated Dr. Laymon Hicks while talking about his new book. 

A doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Northeastern University, Dr. Hicks is one of the most sought-after youth motivational speakers today. He has presented at more than 100 schools and student conferences, in 45 states, for nearly 500,000 young people. But as a child, things were not exactly rosy for him. Akin to Kace, he too had his share of difficulties while growing up but he never left his willpower, his zeal for learning and the determination to never give up. 

Speaking further, the author said many kids don’t understand that obstacles and failure are all a part of growing up. Life won’t be a cakewalk always. There will be times when you will feel you are less than others because of certain obstacles or challenges you’ve been through. But, one should have the courage to fly high above all obstacles to live their dreams.

“Kids should understand that challenges do not mean the end of the world. They have to learn to overcome these challenges and keep moving. It’s imperative to teach kids from a young age the significance of fighting against adversity to reach their goals. Kace’s story is a guiding light here. I am hopeful my new children’s book will be able to teach young people that they too can soar above their obstacles even when others mock them, or they do not feel adequate.”

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