New revolutionary decentralized legal blockchain to redefine legal industry for better

Vires is the first ever decentralized legal blockchain that will help investors to buy and sell legal shares and is dedicated to disrupt the legal industry for better with blockchain technology.

June 19, 2018 – Great News for crypto investors and legal professionals. A new revolutionary token, Vires, has recently been introduced in the crypto scene with the mission to redefine the legal industry for better. Vires represents the first decentralized legal blockchain that will help investors to buy and sell legal shares. 

Based on IURIS blockchain, Vires is specifically engineered to be utilized as a general gateway by Legal Blockchain. The company has already launched its token sale this month which will continue till October 17, 2018. The token price is: 1 ETH = 28750 VIRES

“We are excited to announce the launch of our new cryptocurrency ecosystem The first of its kind, it’s a revolutionary decentralized legal blockchain which is aimed to reinvent the global equity blockchain through its secured, user-friendly and smart platform. Put simply, with Vires, we are seeking to completely disrupt the way businesses generally raise capital and the way investors usually buy & sell shares”, stated a leading spokesperson from the Vires team.

Speaking on, the spokesperson stressed that blockchain has the potential to change the legal industry forever and the movement will be facilitated by Vires. 

“Blockchain will modify the legal industry as per the modern standards to make things faster and more convenient. Legal contracts are still written and it’s mandatory to get physical signatures on original documents. The process is only time-consuming which blockchain aims to change with smart contracts.”

The smart contracts will add a digital edge to the legal paperworks as per the demands of the modern digital age. The smart contracts can be potentially created and executed directly between relevant parties and that too with lesser involvement of lawyers than what we see now.  

“We believe in ‘Open Law’ endeavors to reduce the friction and cost of creating, securing as well as generating binding legal agreements. With blockchain, you are also assured of safe storage of these agreements without the need of intermediaries. Vires technology is especially designed to prevent hacking, leaks and breaches of your documents which is otherwise not viable with the current storage process followed by our conventional legal industry.”

While approached further, the spokesperson pointed out the state of the art benefits of Vires LEGAL Service: 

  • Process completion in only 30 minutes while it takes no less than 2 days with the existing system
  • Free software & open-source infrastructure
  • Simple automated process through decentralized ledgers
  • No involvement of humans which translates to no errors
  • No issues of malware and assurance of enhanced security and protection from hackers
  • No need to wait for 3rd party verification as Vires ensures certified agents on-demand 

After the completion of the ICO, Vires has plans to create an advanced AI-based Legal Advisor to provide the public with the Legal system. 

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