Ing. Tomas Moravek Promoting Newly Expanded Udemy Course on SEO Training and Social Media Marketing

Nearly Fourty Topics on Digital Marketing Covered In This New Course – 15 hours on-demand video

95 % off – only for $9.99 – apply the code JUNEVICTORY108 – valid until 30th of June for the first 1.084 students

June 19, 2018 – Ing. Tomas Moravek has produced the most extensive course on SEO training and social media marketing that people can find on Udemy. His course is the only one on the popular learning platform to cover 35 topics (15 hours on-demand video, 19 articles, 53 supplemental resources) in the digital marketing field with the course planning on being updated to include 54 topics.

The program that Moravek has produced is a unique course that covers every aspect of SEO efforts. The course is on digital marketing and SEO training as well as work for social media including on Facebook.

The program is designed to help people get the most out of their educational efforts. This includes assisting people in making it easier for them to promote their sites.

Various aspects of marketing are highlighted well in this course. These include points relating to Facebook. The popular social media site is discussed with modules on marketing and ads, how to target people, lookalike audiences, Facebook jobs and remarketing efforts.

For SEO functions, Moravek has points on using keywords and how to analyze one’s competition. Speed optimization is also included with the goal of making it easier for a site to load, thus allowing a page to appear prominently on a search.

Local SEO functions are also included. These points focus more on how to target people within a specific geographic region. The local SEO support offered here focuses mainly on how to be detailed when promoting one’s business among other vital aspects of work. The details added through the local SEO sections work for people in every geographic region.

Students of Moravek’s course have been raving about how well his program works. People love how the course is engaging and works well for people who are new to the online marketing world. The tips and short explanations provided in the course are easy to follow as well. The details highlighted here are designed to be easy for all people to follow and utilize.

The digital marketing course is currently available on Udemy and is available with special discount for the first 1.084 students. Use the code JUNEVICTORY1084 to get 95 % off. Valid until the end of June. The course will provide people with all the information they need on how to manage their online marketing efforts and will do well for anyone who may be interested in making the most out of their work at large.

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