The Music Specialist Offering Services For Music Distribution In China

New Development Comes Amid the Silk Road Alliance Deal With Other Music Business Groups Throughout the World

June 19, 2018 – The Music Specialist, an American supporter of musicians that looks to manage international distribution, content licensing, and mobile streaming functions has participated in a major resource sharing agreement in China recently. The Music Specialist entered the Silk Road International Music Alliance. This is a multi-country music business partnership that is working to develop the music and digital media industries in China.

Consisting of members from eighteen countries, the Silk Road alliance focuses on supporting business projects and cultural efforts. Part of this includes working to support the promoting and copyrighting of music and the distribution of various music productions around the country. The work is extensive and focuses heavily on managing many of the specific promotional needs that one might hold for promoting work in any fashion.

The agreement was signed with the support of many prominent organizations including China’s oldest record company, the China Record Group Co. Ltd. The Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the oldest music school in the country, is also included in the deal. Other participants include the Ermitage Records group in France and Asia from Russia.

The exciting development comes as people are looking to cooperate with each other on many music-related productions. It is through the efforts managed by the Music Specialist and other groups in the Silk Road field that information can be shared among one another and great efforts can be utilized to make music easier for people to access and share than ever before. It is vital to notice how well certain considerations relating to one’s work can be put into play in this situation.

This development will help the Music Specialist to spread its efforts out to more places around the world. Operated in the United States, the Music Specialist offers an extensive catalog of genre music and also offers music education services to people around the world. The group concentrates heavily on digital music distribution and mobile delivery. Marketing support and other forms of professional assistance can also be supported through the efforts provided by the Music Specialist.

People looking for additional information on the services the Music Specialist has to offer or to see what the latest developments for the group are can visit to see what the group has to offer. The work being supported by the Music Specialist will help people with getting the most out of the work they are putting in for making and promoting music in many forms.

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