Siptel Pte Ltd bringing the future to the present with VOIP technology

Leading internet telephony services provider, Spitel, offers VOIP technology to businesses in and around Singapore

Siptel is a Singapore-based company that provides internet telephony services in Singapore, with a reputation for excellent service delivery. As one of the leading service providers in the country, the company is poised with helping businesses harness the benefits of internet telephony by offering VOIP phone Singapore services at remarkably affordable rates. This basically brings the future to the present for businesses in Singapore, while helping them cut cost drastically even as they remain connected to the world.

Technology is dynamic and the advancement in technology has helped businesses and even individuals to enhance their processes and make them more effective. One of the ways technology has contributed to the operations of businesses is through communication, with the emergence of internet phone and other such innovations. However, businesses in Singapore have not been able to harness the benefits that come with this innovation and Siptel is, therefore, bringing a somewhat solution to the problem.

The introduction of its Internet phone Singapore service makes it easier and affordable for businesses to remain connected on phone regardless of their location across the phone. The convenience and relative affordability that comes with the service makes it even more desirable for businesses that are looking to take on the world to subscribe to the service.

“VOIP is a technology of the future. Already it is popular in the USA and Europe and now it is getting its foothold in Asia. With VOIP, businesses can look forward to reducing their telecommunication cost by as much as 50%. It also allows company staff to be perfectly mobile and still be able to access the company’s telephone system,” says Mr. Joshi, founder of Siptel Pte Ltd.

Other services offered by Siptel include SIP trunking Singapore, PABX Singapore, and Hosted PABX. The unique combination of affordability and quality has helped to increase the popularity and acceptance of the company in Singapore.

More information about Siptel Pte Ltd and the services offered can be found on the website.

About Siptel Pte Ltd

Siptel Pte Ltd is an IMDA-licensed provider of internet telephony services. Headquartered in Singapore, the company uses cloud-based technology to affordable yet effective telephony services to businesses, making it easier and less costly for every business to remain connected on phone from anywhere.

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