Michael Lukes launches new video for hit single – The Sound Of Silence

Talented English music artist, singer, Michael Lukes announces the launch of the video clip to his song The Sound Of Silence


Michael Lukes is a talented English artist that has made a name for himself in the music industry, after collaboration with Neroloz to make a cover of the hit song Titanium, by the popular disc jockey David Guetta. Michael Lukes recently announced the release of his latest work, a video clip to his hit song titled The Sound Of Silence, with the song currently available across all digital platforms including YouTube, Spotify, and Amazon.

Michael Luke has recreated and basically revived the popular The Sound of Silence, integrating some uniqueness and ingenuity without necessarily taking out the originality of the message. In the revived version of the original evergreen song by Paul Simon & Garfunkel, Michael Lukes interprets the song in an unprecendeted way, with the video of the song adding even more meaning to the song.

Recorded in an intimate atmosphere with the aim of enhancing silence, which Michael has continuously described as “a friend and an ally,” the song is a representation of ingenuity and creativity. The Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel work is redefined, with Michael coming to light in a hectic and at the same time a very gloomy period.

Michael explains the importance of silence and how everyone can benefit from a brief moment of stoppage, which gives room for a rethink and retrospection. The clip to the video was directed and produced by Italian heavyweights Gianni Del Popolo and Giorgio Amendolara, with Giorgio Amendolara doing a somewhat The Sound Of Silence Piano Cover, while Fabrizia Pandimiglio was at the cello.

The song on the other hand was produced and mixed by Giorgio Amendolara and Michael Lukes. In addition to The Sound of Silence, Michael Lukes is currently working on an EP containing new songs, which will be released in 2018.

A small curiosity at the end of the video comes when there is an apparent loss of computer signal that symbolizes the total disconnection from all the surrounding technologies that surround, refraining people from silence and the real world, not even for a moment. This brings to notice the effect of social network and smartphones. Then after a second, another scene appears marking the definitive detachment, aimed at reaching the true sound of silence.

The song is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, Google Play (http://bit.ly/2D1jWuf), and Deezer (http://bit.ly/2zi8Ej0), with the video to the song currently available on YouTube (https://youtu.be/5BurqXQgMjs).


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About Michael Lukes

Michael Lukes is an English born artist who moved to Rome, Italy with his family. He discovered his passion for music at an early age, fascinated by the legendary English band, The Beatles Yellow Submarine. In 2014, Michael Lukes collaborated with Neroloz, making a cover of the hit song Titanium, by the well-known disc jockey David Guetta. He subsequently did “Freeway”, a duo based on acoustic and countercurrent: an experience that intrigues the audience and left a lasting mark on Michael’s formation.

He released his first single in 2017 and has gone on to treat music lovers across the globe to his unique talent and creativity.

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