Chain star – The bridge of block chain industry, made its world debut online platform

The outbreak of global blockchain industry in 2018, attracting a large number of technical team, and the Internet team to join the startup of block chain projects, and Chain star was born in line with the market development demands to meet dual requirements for quality projects and information which is committed to serve as a bridge between investors and projects so that project parties and investors can connect effectively to build a safe and reliable bridge.

It is understood that the rapid development of block chain has led to a set of challenges that many investors cannot subjectively judge the  quality of  block chain projects, who have suffered huge economic losses in  the blind investment, and lots of good projects have been buried that unable to get enough money to launch.High-quality projects need attention and support of investors, and investors also need information of high-quality projects. ChainStar as a platform enterprise aims to solve the problems of information asymmetry between the project party and the investors, and becomes the link between the two parties and continuously promote the development of excellent block chain projects.

As a professional block chain project docking platform, Chain star selects excellent block Chain teams and projects globally. In order to make sure all projects are valid, the project parties can’t release projects and fundraising needs on Chain star until they have been qualified in team validation, project rating by experts, tokens locking and risks audit.

Chain star will lead quality projects simultaneously to make world debut, such as BTR, CTZ, global mobile phone service ecological chain MSCE and SoPay on 18th in June, it invites global investors and quality projects.

Chain star teams are all block chain project developers, classical Internet investors, and legal practitioners.We have cooperated with dozens of blockchain experts and investment advisers around the world.All of them are top talents of block chain technology in the world, and we are also supported by top investment institutions in the world to help the investment institutions or natural investors to review and screen blockchain projects in this way.

Transaction distributed storage of Chain star ensures that investment transaction information can not be tampered and provides informationalized protection of rights and all digital money is processed with a cold wallet, which effectively protect against hackers. During the investment process, you can even withdraw your investment right for seven days without any reason.

The founder of Chain star indicates that Chain star would issue official Token to effectively monitor the capital flow of the project investors on the platform for project investment and financing, which is a safer investment method for investors.

At present, Chain star has been legalized in the global operation and is applying for the US SEC certification license, Australia ASIC license and Singapore MAS license, and also already has strategic layout in Canada, Australia, Singapore, southeast Asia and other countries.



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