Top Santa Monica Real Estate Agent Explains 6 Things The Best Listing Agent Does For Sellers

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There are certain ethics and skills a great Realtor needs, and in this case it is not Buyer Beware but ‘Seller Beware.’ A local Santa Monica Realtor outlines the skills and possible pitfalls an uninformed seller can very easily succumb to.

SANTA MONICA – Listing a home for sale can be more than tricky. There are several potentially expensive pitfalls for the uninformed according to a local Santa Monica real estate agent. They warn below that these unsuspecting dangers should not be taken lightly, explaining a little knowledge ahead of time can go a long way.

1. An Agent Should Price Your Property Correctly

An old and absolutely notorious ‘trick’ of desperate listing agents is to price your property higher than other real estate agents to get your business. Their plan is to then reduce your listing price every few weeks until your house sells. However this strategy can turn out to be a nightmare for an unsuspecting seller.

Why? Once a property is reduced it is clearly indicated that way publicly in the multiple listing service. Buyers then see this and it gives them the impression that the seller is getting desperate. Any offers from that time on are almost always lowball offers and there’s no turning back out of that spiral dive. Offers may easily come in at ten percent or more lower than the current price.

So the number one most important recommendation is to find a Realtor who is very honest and ethical. The best real estate agents price a property accurately and do not tell a seller an inflated value, or what they want to hear, just to get their business. Being aware of this nasty and unethical trick which occurs way too often can save the seller a fortune.

2. Market, Market, Market Your Property

Marketing is an area where your Real Estate agent should shine. Your listing agent needs to be dominant online, as that is where most buyers are looking for homes. Preparing beautiful videos of your property and professional photos to make it present wonderfully online, should also be a given. Your sellers agent should also have other great offline marketing practices as well such as notifying their list of buyers, advertising in newspapers, making great flyers, great signage etc.

3. Communicate Properly

The number one complaint in the US about Realtors is communication. For some reason many agents are very bad at keeping in contact with their clients. A seller needs to know what is going on with the sale of their home. Your listing agent should be regularly updating you on feedback from showings and during the escrow period. Even if there are no offers, keeping in touch lets you as a seller know where both you and the market stands.

4. Make Sure The Buyer is Qualified

So many “buyers” will walk through your house saying they’re interested, but in reality they can’t qualify for a loan and maybe never will. A qualified buyer assures you that this buyer is legitimate, can be taken seriously, and wont be wasting anyone’s time and efforts.

5. Be A Negotiating Expert

Top real estate agents go out of their way to get the best terms for their clients. They are a seller’s professional and expert advocate and need to be highly skilled and experienced in negotiations to get their client the best deal. A great negotiating listing agent could mean the difference in you having to fix a roof or not, repaint or recarpet, or getting a higher final price from multiple offers.

6. A Great Closer

Selling a house involves a lot of different things from marketing, to showing, to negotiating, to escrow and all that entails. There are many little details that need taking care of during escrow. The termite guy needs to inspect and there may be repairs needed after that. The home inspector may also point out possible repairs and re-negotiations may then take place as a result.

Selling can be stressful, but when you have a top agent representing you, who is taking care of all the details, then the anxiety and tension can be markedly decreased for the seller. A top agent will take all the headaches away and selling should be a breeze.

Hopefully you are now a little clearer on the process and potentials pitfalls of listing your property for sale, and understand better what to expect when listing your home with a real estate agent.

Key Take-Aways 

Your listing agent needs to be:

* Honest above all else;
* Professional and experienced;
* Have excellent communication skills;
* A strong negotiator;
* An excellent marketer;
* Have proven results.

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