Easy Folding and Storage in Trunk – Airwheel H3S Smart Robotics Wheelchair

Airwheel H3S robot wheelchair is a mirror the development trend in the transportation field. For the retirees, H3S is not only a personal transport but also a way to enjoy the technological advancement and more importantly, to keep up with the trends.

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Efficiency in modern society plays the crucial role. The retirees nowadays also have the opportunity to enjoy the technological advancement. Airwheel H3S Electric Wheelchair is a mirror the development trend in the wheelchair field, with the features of dual ride mode, automatic folding system, mobile app remote control and other user-friendly designs.

Airwheel H3S Ability Medical

Users can take the Airwheel H3S robotic chair as the personal transport, to enjoy the elegant, intelligent and green travel. H3S power and manual wheelchair can be ridden in two different ways. The two riding modes—electric mode and manual mode are suitable for a variety of application occasions. In the manual mode, riders can enjoy the company of close friends and families and the electric mode gives riders an easy ride and allows riders to stop and chat freely. The 25.2V 524Wh lithium battery mounted on H3S, which is zero emission, provides a long battery range.

Airwheel H3S Lightweight Folding Power Chair

What’s more, the automatic folding system makes H3S easy folding and storage in trunk. It is the joystick controller that controls H3S robot from electric wheelchair to go forward, backward and turn directions. In order to adapt to different riders’ habits, the controller can install in the right handle or left. In addition to the horn button, battery indicator, headlight switch and speed indicator, there is a fold/unfold button—to exit the extending /contracting mode. From the feedback, many users like this function most. Also, H3S is safe to ride. It will automatically beep to remind passers-by around to ensure safety when reversing. When going downhill, it will decelerate immediately until stops if rider releases the controller, which guarantees rider’s safety.

 Airwheel H3S Smart chair

In addition, the customized App provides a variety of data, through instant analysis and arithmetic. Seamlessly connect your robot to your iPhone or Android phone with the Airwheel App. Users can access a wealth of knowledge such as mileage, speed, and temperature. Importantly, users can remote control H3S smart chair and make it your intimate travel mate.

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