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Thai silver jewelry from Chic24x7, gorgeous sterling silver jewelry both wholesale and retail. Exotic gemstones and designs to suit every style and trend. Showcasing two decades of expertise in gemstones and jewelry. Wholesale jewelry orders can be made with gem and design specifications provided by the client.

Showcasing two decades of expertise in gemstones and jewelry, the Chic24x7 online jewelry store is now open for both, wholesale and retail orders. At a time when most silver jewelry providers have started patronizing synthetic and imitation gems, Chic24x7 offers exotic gems like ruby, sapphire and emerald in exquisitely designed and crafted 925 silver jewelry.

The collection is targeted at jewelry lovers who value style and are passionate about natural gemstones. Silver rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces have been designed to suit every personality, the affordable prices allows you to quickly build a collection that has both variety and depth.

The jewelry is designed in Thailand by extremely talented designers. Chic24x7 leverages decades of gem procurement experience, making it possible to feature a galaxy of natural gemstones. Known for their beauty and highly sought after for many centuries, ruby, sapphire and emerald are widely acclaimed as the ‘Big 3’ of the gemstone world.

Choose any of the jewels from the collection and you will never need to worry about, having something for formal or informal wear. Despite the modest price tag, Chic24x7 sterling silver jewelry is designed and crafted to suit casual and special occasion wear.

As mentioned above, Chic24x7 is fully geared to accept both retail and wholesale orders. The sterling silver jewelry on the website is priced for retail purchases. Volume orders can be discussed and prices would reflect the size of the order.

Wholesale silver jewelry orders can be manufactured with designs and gemstones specified by the client. It is also possible to tailor Q.C (quality control) procedures based on each individual client.

Whether you happen to be a jewelry enthusiast or a large or small reseller, Chic24x7 should be your preferred destination. Besides being proficient in the latest jewelry manufacturing processes and equipment, we also remain constantly updated with global market trends. The team will be glad to share market information related to design, styles and gemstones that are constantly collected from jewelry markets across the globe.

The website at hosts the online shopping store and also contains, useful and interesting information related to gemstones and jewelry. You can shop at the Chic24x Online Store or just browse around to get an idea of what, quality sterling silver jewelry is all about.

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