Moonrun, a fun and enjoyable game developed by Twin Studio

Twin Studio has released a new cool and fun game called MoonRun. The main goal of the game is for the player to collect as many gems as they can while orbiting the moon. According to Dragan Vejnovic, the creator of MoonRun, they are always trying to develop new, unique and exciting games and the player will also enjoy this game thanks to the fun and enjoyable antics that it features.

While playing MoonRun, the player will not only orbit the moon, but they will also be required to collect the gems which they come across as they move along. The existence of other heavenly bodies in space means that the player has to be very careful of the danger posed by asteroids i.e. the rocky minor planets which are found in space. The gamer should collect gems while trying to avoid asteroids which can easily destroy them. As the number of laps around the moon increases, MoonRun will progressively become difficult. It is worth noting that apart from asteroids and the gems, the player will also come across multiple and different types of “traps” along the orbiting path.

To play the game, the player will take the role of a small and friendly alien. The alien is a protagonist who is called the Moon Runner and he will be required to use his aircraft to run around the moon while collecting gems that he comes across and ensuring that he avoids the oncoming asteroids.

MoonRun is an amazing and entertaining game. The endless runner game has a good design and its controls are great for users. Its background music makes it be even more enjoyable. Its compatible with both OS and Android devices and you can download it for free on Google Play and on App Store. MoonRun can be played in devices that use OS 8.0 or more and Android 4.1 or up. The game is available in English and children from the age of four can also play it.

About Twin Studio

Twin Studio is a small indie game development company that was started in 2013 by two brothers. The developers are known to create unique original content which delights and engage anyone who comes across it. Using a diverse, professional and talented workforce, Twin Studio is looking forward to even improve their gaming creativity by implementing new ideas and using ultra-modern technology for development.



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