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Chicago, United States – Jun 20, 2018 – Radar Detector Guides is a website that is dedicated to helping people find the best radar detector and best truck GPS. The device can help drivers protect themselves from gun radar errors and avoid getting flagged down for over speeding.

The site was established by Danny Williams who had his fair share of bad days with the patrol police. Radar Detector Guides reviews the most popular radar detectors today to help car owners determine the pros and cons of each option. The site reviews what makes detectors blink as well as answers the most common questions about radar detectors. Radar Detector Guides is a one-stop shop for those who want to learn more about police radar guns and radar detectors. The team behind the site is always ready to answer questions.

Radar detectors are beneficial not only for those who love speed, but also for people who want to protect themselves against police radar gun error. Radar guns are fallible. By having a radar detector, drivers become aware of exactly what speed they are really going. This device can be beneficial if the radar gun misreads. Radar detectors can alert the driver to devices being aimed at their car to calculate speed. Higher-end detectors are equipped with laser detection. Having a radar detector that alerts the driver to laser presence gives them a few options to avoid getting flagged down.

Since not all drivers take on the same roads and not all radar detectors are the same, there are some tests that can be done to determine the right detector for them. They can test how the detector performs long range, how well it conceals itself from radar detector detectors (RDD) and how well it detects laser and radar. Features to look for in a radar detector include 360⁰ laser protection, advanced radar detection, stealth to render the device invisible to detectors used by police and an automatic scan for eliminating false alarms.  The model and brand of radar detector can significantly affect the user’s level of satisfaction. This depends on what they are looking for and what they want out of their radar detector. Most radar detectors today are equipped with both laser and radar detection capabilities.

The debate as to whether radar detectors should be made legal or illegal continues. Radar detectors, however, are readily available for those who want to use one. From the most basic models to the most advanced units, radar detectors are getting smarter and more advanced. Those who want get one should consider their needs and budget when choosing a radar detector.

Radar Detector Guides aims to equip visitors with useful tips and advice to drive smart, be protected, and safe.  Danny seeks the input of his fellow petrol head and former highway patrol cop, Rob Swan, to inform interested individuals about the latest happenings in the world of radar detectors and what to expect in the future. The site updates its content library on a regular basis.

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