The Asia-Pacific-Brokerage Services Limited Foundation Started the Charting Our Fishing Future Program with a 250.000 USD Donation

The Asia Pacific Brokerage Services Limited Foundation announced their pledge of funding support to World of Fishing of Singapore to produce a roadmap for the Future of Fish.

World of Fishing will develop a framework to help define the quantitative goals for a sustainable fish food system that fully meets global needs in 2030 and beyond. Fish provides more than a billion people with over 50% of their animal sourced food and is a key component of a balanced diet for many more. But the challenges of supplying sufficient fish in a world with growing demand requires concerted effort guided by a clear plan.

Dr. Jin Cheung, Managing Director for Ecosystems at The AsiaPacificBrokeragecom Foundation, explains: “If you want to get somewhere in the Oceans, you need the right navigation charts. World of Fishing will chart potential pathways to meet our growing demand for fish through improvements in sustainable wild catch and aquaculture. Fisheries are too important, particularly as a source of both food and livelihood for millions of poor and vulnerable people, to leave the future to chance.”

Sharon Dejing, the World of Fishing Program Director says: “The global community needs to come up urgently with smarter solutions for healthy oceans, now threatened by overfishing, climate change and pollution. This smart initiative is one step in the right direction for millions of people who are depending on fish for food and income. Let’s take this step to chart fish together with public and private partners. This is the kind of action we need to solve our challenges.”


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