Developers of \”Calorie Coin\” CLC Foundation signs Memorandum of Understanding With TLi, Inc. Creators of “Smart Insoles”

“Calorie Coin by CLC Foundation”
The Calorie Coin represents a unique take on cryptocurrency focused on rewarding healthy practices. Now teaming up with the breakthrough sports industry focused “Smart Insoles”, the pro-fitness combination seems destined for synergistic success.

Who wouldn’t want to be rewarded financially for improving their health and fitness?  That’s the powerful concept behind the Calorie Coin project from CLC Foundation, a global healthcare blockchain-based reward platform that provides users with Calorie Coins (CAL) when they burn calories by committing to regular exercise doing things like walking and running.  In exciting news, South Korea Blockchain (SKBC), Investor Relations consultant of the project, recently announced CLC Foundation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the breakthrough company TLi, Inc., developers and manufacturers of the sports wearable “Smart Insoles” which are causing much enthusiasm in the fitness world.  The “Smart Insoles” offer a revolutionary new way to track and improve the way fitness-focused users walk and run, helping to maximize their health benefits.

“We think this is a great combination where both projects will benefit as well as users of the Calorie Coin and Smart Insoles,”  commented Andrew Lim, President of SKBC.  “This represents a total win-win for all concerned and points toward a very bright future for the Calorie Coin as it becomes more widely adopted.”

TLi Inc.’s “Smart Insoles” feature multiple sensors embedded within the foot padding that are able to recognize any problems or issues with the user’s walking pattern.  This is done by collecting and analyzing various forms of data such as step length, foot balance and the distribution of support pressure. The insole can be applied to a wide-range of popular sneakers. It is connected to a smartphone app such as “Coin Step” that is used to analyze a user’s daily activities. CLC Foundation will develop Calorie Coin rewards that work along with apps helping to motivate users to train more often and achieve higher levels of health and well-being.

The “Coin Step” beta version launched in April and June, and other mobile apps making use of Calorie Coin are on the way soon.

Lim, continued, “The Calorie Coin platform community has grown exponentially in a quite short amount of time. In the last 60 days, Interpark Group, Partron Ltd. and the Korea Cheerleading Association have agreed to work together to expand the Calorie Coin health ecosystem. There will be further announcements to our global community very soon.”

The CLC Foundation firmly believes that the advances in preventive medicine that can be made through utilizing smart, fun, and engaging  blockchain technology could ultimately reduce medical costs globally and create a new space for related industries to grow.

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