Ether Joy Hopes to Become the Most Influential New Engine for Blockchain Promotion

There is no doubt that the Blockchain is utilized in multifarious roles. The power that this system manages to provide its users is quite unlike anything that the world has seen in the past. That being said, the many different functions that it can be used for is still being discovered.

Many new aspiring projects have taken it upon themselves to utilize this powerful technology in a number of ways. Among them is Ether Joy. Ether Joy or Ejoy is a new engine for Blockchain promotion.  Their goal is to market Blockhain through their first intelligent engine for Blockchain. They hope to convert massive active online game players all over the world to the Blockchain community members.

With more and more people getting interesting in this era-defining technology, it will surely develop at a much faster rate. Blockchain projects will gain massive attention and rapid access through a large potential pool of gamers. This will increase the awareness of the project and user retention, as well as greatly enhancing the image of the project in the eyes of the public.

Nowadays, there are over 2.2 billion gamers worldwide, but only a small portion of them are avid members of the blockchain community. If one is able to provide a platform for the matching of these two communities, then a multitude of new people could be involved in the development of Blockchain.

Ejoy also provides big data functionality – with data mining, data cleaning, and data analysis among other services available. They also deal in AI or artificial intelligence, with user portrayal, risk management and valuable market services available.

Ejoy will be joining HitBTC on May 11th, an advanced crypto exchange since 2013. That said, Ejoy ICO has managed to cause a lot of excitement and interest for the people using it. With the power to influence and attract billions of people worldwide, this is a promotion platform that will undoubtedly hit success.

About Ether Joy:

Ether Joy (EJOY) is the world’s first intelligent engine for Blockchain marketing and promotion. The Ether Joy platform is a representative Blockchain 3.0 type application which, in a brand-new way, converts the massive active online game players all over the world to Blockchain community members.

The goal is to help blockchain projects gain rapid access to massive potential gamer pool, increase project’s awareness and users retention, and enhance the brand image.

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