Diamond-backed Tokens to Bring Stability to the Crypto Market

Cryptocurrencies have swept the market even though a majority of the population not understanding much about its ways of functioning. Also, you have various Governments announcing a blanket ban on the trading of cryptocurrencies. Thus, you see ICOs launching almost on a daily basis. The latest ICO to hit the market is the RegerDiamond Coin Emission (RDC) launched by the RegerDiamond Company.

There is a difference between the regular ICOs and the one launched by RDC. This ICO is unique because it is secured by a real asset having true intrinsic value. Before we discuss the advantages of this ICO, let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of both diamond and cryptocurrency trade. It will provide the perfect background to understand why these diamond-based tokens can bring stability to the crypto market.

Advantages of trading with diamond assets

  • Assets are financially stable with least risk of fluctuations in value

  • Secure financial investments as history show that value has rarely depreciated

  • Guaranteed dividends in the long-term

Disadvantages of trading in diamonds

  • You need a high investment to get into the chain

  • The conservative approach results in low profitability of production

  • Usually, a family-owned business leading to secrecy and non-transparency

The new generation of investors is adept at trading in cryptocurrencies. The emergence of crypto-technologies like Blockchain has made it easier for investors to try their hand in the market.

Advantages of trading in cryptocurrencies

  • Extremely high level of profitability

  • Low labor costs

  • Able to do business from anywhere and at any time

  • Increasing flow of attracted investments

Disadvantages of dealing in cryptocurrencies

  • High volatility thereby increasing the risk perception

  • Instability because of continuous changes in the market trends

  • Negative perception by Governments and other financial institutions

  • Lack of proper market regulations

How is this ICO different?

This ICO aims to address the disadvantages of both the diamond and cryptocurrencies trading while concentrating on the advantages of both the techniques.

  • Investing in RDC allows investors to safeguard their savings with a guaranteed real supply of diamonds. Also, they receive a regular stable income of up to 20% per annum.

  • Investors have the benefit of exchanging RDC for an equal value of the physical quantity of diamonds and jewelry available in stock published in its online store. They get a discount of 10% to 20% off the price list.

  • The Ethereum network provides the security and transparency of the operations.

The advantages of this ICO are as follows:

  • The investors get real diamonds instead of an entry in the Blockchain ledger. Hence, they can feel the investment in their hands. Now, it also guarantees them a good ROI even if the price of the cryptocurrency falls drastically.

  • Also, they get discounts @ 10% to 20% thereby ensuring they get returns more than the value of the actual investment.

  • The Ethereum-based security is the strongest ever protection known till date.

  • RegerDiamond Company ensures a high level of security because of their financial participation in the ICO.

  • The token purchases are variable-based for a term of 12 or 24 months.

  • Investors can expect remuneration payments up to 30% per annum.

The opportunity to convert your diamond-based tokens into real diamonds and jewelry makes it a stable investment.  

However, if investors exercise the option of converting the diamond-based tokens into real diamonds or assets, they may not get the benefit of the rise in the prices of the cryptocurrency.

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