Wisdom Recovery Centers launching NEW longer-term addiction recovery program

Wisdom Treatment Centers has assured a more effective and long-lasting recovery from addiction through its new advanced year-long addiction recovery program. The treatment facility extends comprehensive and fully customized treatment programs in safe and confidential center.

Los Angeles, CA – June 21, 2018 – Burbank-based Wisdom Recovery Centers is pleased to announce, a new advanced evidence based, year-long addiction recovery program. The latest program is proven to be more effective than 30-day crash programs since it’s aimed to devote more time to help the patients with the actual causes of addiction to ensure successful recovery. 

“We are launching a new revolutionary, year-long addiction recovery program that will be much more effective than standard 30,60, and 90-day programs. Addiction is a devastating disease. Recent studies have shown, it takes 90 days for the human brain to chemically reset itself from hard drug use.  That is a fact.  Using our scientific based approach, Wisdom Treatment Centers longer-term addiction recovery program enables oneself to free themselves from the shattering behaviors of addiction forever so that after a year in our program, you get to live a new sober and healthier you”, stated Aaron Barsalou, the man behind Wisdom Treatment Centers. 

Wisdom Treatment Centers is a dual diagnosis drug and alcohol treatment center that offers long term/short term treatment solutions for those suffering from mental health issues, addiction, and substance use disorder. What separates the treatment facility from other recovery centers is that Wisdom Recovery Centers does not take anything off the table regarding its patients. Instead, the team strives to offer everything possible to help people overcome addiction successfully and look forward to a sober life.

Part of the uniqueness of Wisdom Recovery also lays in its multidisciplinary treatment approach that addresses not only the biological and psychological aspects, but also the social needs of the patient.  Backed by industry leading addiction doctors and counsellors, Wisdom assures customized treatment solutions in a secured, confidential, and most professional recovery center.

Wisdom Recovery believes long-lasting sobriety can only be achieved with a comprehensive range of full continuum of care. Thus, the treatment facility takes its patients through various stages of recovery treatment, starting from Medical Detox, followed by Residential Drug Treatment, Partial Hospitalization Program, intensive Outpatient program and finally Outpatient Program. Wisdom Recovery also supports patients with committed after-care with relapse prevention plan and ongoing counseling sessions. 

The leading CA-based recovery center has further assured patients not to fret over loss of jobs on signing up with the new long-term program. Wisdom Recovery Centers will work with the employers to ensure the patient’s job is not lost and he can come out as a healthy recovered individual after a year. Wisdom Recovery Center also accepts more numbers of health insurances compared to other recovery centers to cater to a wider patient base. The treatment facility works closely with several non-profit organizations working on addiction recovery to reach out a larger number of addicts out there.

For more, please visit. www.wisdomtreatment.com or call 888-906-4NOW.

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