ETHH Global Conference of Big Health Industry: Let Blockchain Redefine the Pattern of Big Health Industry

On June 13, 2018, organized by Etheric health, and co-organized by three overseas blockchain agencies from different regions, 2018 Global Conference of Big Health Industry were held in New York, USA. Etheric Health, together with several project teams and dozens of media press, has jointly studied the important role of blockchain in the health industry.


The 2018 Global Health Industry Conference is the first ever offline blockchain eco-conference, which was attended by multinational teams, and focuses on the “big health + blockchain”. Dolores Jordan, chief executive of the ETHH, hosted the conference. At this conference, top blockchain talents from different regions of the world will discuss with ETHH about the future development direction of blockchain in the health industry.

Dolores Jordan, CEO of ETHH, said that “big health is the second largest application of blockchain after financial applications, because the health industry is an important industry that is really related to the national economy and people’s livelihood, and the existing health industry is In a closed industry with isolated islands and strict adherence to their respective data and technologies, there is a huge problem that medical institutions are faced with, which is the inability to securely share data across platforms.

Based on this situation, the Etheric Health Chain (ETHH) will use blockchain technology to create a health system with high-speed information flow. The ETHH Health System integrates the distributed storage, decentralization, and high security of blockchain technology with the big health industry. It can effectively solve the problem of resource imbalance and confidentiality in the development of the current health industry. Maximize the use of limited medical resources through sharing and distribution.

In addition, ETHH also brings cutting-edge big data and artificial intelligence technologies to large-scale health systems. ETHH runs specific algorithms through big data analysis, and efficiently and reasonably allocates limited resources in the medical field with a large number of meticulous data calculations. What’s more, ETHH also introduces AI services in smart contracts, enabling the great health system to achieve true “intelligence”, thereby greatly avoiding the waste of medical resources and making the entire medical and health community more efficient.

At the end of the conference, Dolores Jordan stated that the ETHH will also form a large-scale health expert team around the world to redefine the feasibility, industrial value, and development direction of the “big health industry + blockchain”, and to discuss the cooperation mechanism of the big health industry, and reconstruct the ecology of the big health industry so as to jointly rebuild the pattern of the big health industry.

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