2018 iQIYI Clash Bots Final: A World-class and Unique Robot Combat Feast

At 8p.m. on June 21, 2018, the iQIYI original and KFC-sponsored online variety show Clash Bots finally came to an end. Team Dark Wolf from Brazil won the championship, while Team Toxic Fangs led by three Chinese young undergraduates took the runner-up. At this point, the most passionate, hot-blooded and exciting robot combat competition in China was ended in glory.

A number of top and experienced combat robot teams worldwide have gathered in Clash Bots, presenting a global-level robot combat feast. For instance, team members of Dark Wolf were the championship of the US Robo Games in 2013; Members of AU Thumper from UK were called “Mars of Thousands Wars” and won the runner-up of Fighting Robots Association Championship (FRA Championship); Members of the US team Spicy Newt won the championship of Robo Games respectively in 2015 and 2017, and were widely recognized as the “King of American Rollers”…

Moreover, lots of Chinese combat teams with great potential were also found in Clash Bots. Three Chinese college students of Team Toxic Fangs are new comers of robot combat games. However, they were not rookies but showed great performance just like other experienced teams. They have not only defeated a number of remarkable teams, such as Britain’s team Flame Tyrannosaurus, but also were about tied with Brazil’s invincible myth, Dark Wolf in the final battle; Team Atomic Bomb is the Chinese team who has won the most approval from other teams because of their original and unique robot design. Although the gentle shape and the lovely pinky appearance made Atomic Bomb look like a peaceful robot, it’s powerful attack ability was far beyond our imagination. In the fierce confrontation among top teams, Clash Bots has also successfully integrated electronic sports elements into the combat system, examining the robots’ competence through innovative formats including Tower Attack Race, Abyss Fight and so on.

Clash Bots provided a platform for those competing teams to communicate with and learn from each other, which tremendously promoted the development of Chinese even the world’s robot culture. In order to make sure that audiences may easily accept this technological variety shows, Clash Bots invited four famous Chinese actors/actress, Angelababy, Li Chen, Lin Gengxin and Peter Sheng, to join the show. And they can lead audiences into the new world of robot combat from a novice perspective. With the broadcast of the program, an increasing number of audiences have been aware of the charm of the robot combat culture, and become fans of combat robots. It can be said that Clash Bots has inspired and made an unprecedented contribution to the development of robot combat in China. Starting from here, we can expect more surprises that Chinese combat robot enthusiasts are about to bring to the world.

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