Keekom Announces New Bluetooth Beacon Technology That Takes Businesses By Storm

Bluetooth Beacon Advertising by Keekom

This new company Offers an Out-of-Box Option for launching Bluetooth Beacon Advertising. Keekom, LLC has made this product user friendly for merchants, brick and mortar stores, service providers, entrepreneurs, etc. Any business can implement sophisticated marketing and ad campaigns with Keekom’s easy-to-use phone App.

There is a new technology introduced by Google that is just now making its way to businesses and industries, large and small. Even individuals can make use of this new marketing tool to easily create a powerful ad campaign and broadcast it to thousands of people for as little as 25¢ a day. That’s $8.00 a month to an unlimited number of people a day. Any business can afford that!

The Beacon levels the playing field, because now entrepreneurs, real estate agents, retail stores, direct sales members, venue sales marketers, outdoor advertisers, service industries, and more, can all compete with the giants in their industry and get their message seen.

This game-changer is called Bluetooth Beacon Advertising, and one company is leading the way with a unique approach in making this technology work for everyone. They are making beacons versatile and easy enough for a small business to launch an advertising campaign, drive customers into their stores or places of business, and yet they are sophisticated enough for major industries to capitalize on their power to blast out ads from thousands of business locations worldwide—and all of this is managed from a single mobile phone App.

Get Leads with Keekom Beacons

What is Bluetooth Beacon Advertising? A Bluetooth Beacon is a small device that can be mounted on an outdoor sales sign, a brick and mortar store, on a rear-view mirror of a car or service truck, or carried in an individual’s pocket, it sends out a short ad via Google’s Nearby Notifications (up to 10 times a second—fast enough to catch passing autos) it can also be linked to a unique website along with business information to all Android phones that come within its range. There are rumors that iPhone is anticipated to follow suit soon. As an example, one of the leaders in this industry is Keekom, LLC. Keekom has introduced an entire line of beacons that have an adjustable range from a few meters up to 3 football fields. Their phone App graphically shows not only impressions received by people nearby, but also how many people clicked their ads—which means that you can remarket to them at any time. The amazing part is, everything can be displayed and controlled from a computer or an Apple or Google phone from anywhere in the world.

Keekom partner, Ronald Way, says, “Keekom cares about the small business user that isn’t tech savvy. By bridging the gap between High-Tech and the Average User, Keekom has captured the unique ability to tie the two worlds together to create advertising campaigns that are second to none, that can reach thousands of people, and it’s all done right from a person’s phone.” 

Industries That Can Use Beacons

At first blush, you might wonder if your business is a candidate for Bluetooth Beacons. Imagine you own a retail store. By putting a beacon in your window, that beacon is reaching out to every passer-by, broadcasting up to 10 times a second. The beacon sends out an ad or call to action. See the photo to see how it might work for a retail store.

Extend your reach. Managers and employees can carry the small beacons in their pockets or mount them in their cars. The possibilities are endless for expanding a business’ reach.

Think of other businesses that might use beacons:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Athletic and Political Events
  • Conventions (use them for the booths so that they can stand out and be found).
  • Service Industries. Place a beacon in every truck.
  • Direct Selling members can wear a beacon and meet people that respond.
  • Storage facilities
  • Outdoor Advertising. Multiply ad revenue from existing ads by broadcasting out to phones hundreds of yards away.


Officially Launched for public sales on April 1, 2018.

The Industry Leader in Bluetooth Beacon Advertising and Technology offers an Out-of-Box Business Options with a wide variety of beacons and beacon packages from the Keekom website.


• Free Drag-and-Drop Website Landing Page Builder

• SEO Options

• Google Remarketing

• Facebook Pixels Link

• Meta-Tag and Meta-Descriptions

• Add Favicon

• Link Social Media Profiles

• Six Beacon Models – up to 300m range

• Phone Support

• Manage beacons Online – iOS and Android Apps

• Monitor Battery Levels

• Range Adjustment & Ad/Sec

• Allows automatic firmware updates

• Resellers can assign sub-users as well as bulk-manage messages and URLs’ for sub-users

• Tracking graph show live Analytics

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