Ureed launches new linguistic services platform: New company sets to translate 15 million words by the end of year

New language services marketplace Ureed serves as a one-stop hub for translation and copywriting, tapping into a freelance workforce from across the MENA region

Dubai / Amman – June 21, 2018 – Ureed, the new online translation marketplace, announced the official debut of its operations today. Ureed serves businesses in a variety of areas with a focus on translation and content creation. It is the first freelance linguistic services website specifically designed for the MENA region.

The new platform allows businesses and individuals to create and manage linguistic projects according to their needs and scope, connecting them with qualified freelancers; such as blog content writers.  Ureed offers clients a convenient and responsive platform, access to a large pool of talent, and the ability to set their own budget for each project.  Clients can either use the platform in self-service mode, or assign a project manager to oversee the flow of work from start to finish.

“Ureed was born to meet the growing need for translation and content creation within the MENA market. It aims to streamline processes associated with our steady transition towards a gig economy, where service providers are increasingly working on an independent basis”, said Ureed founder and CEO Nour Al Hassan.

“Our new digital platform addresses the challenges associated with sourcing freelance linguists independently through traditional search-and-train methods, where issues such as resource availability, scalability, project management and payment processing arise, to name a few,” she added.

Since its soft launch earlier this year, Ureed has provided linguistic services as general as translation and editing and as specific as freelance game writing for companies in sectors ranging from e-commerce to tech, from legal firms to marketing agencies. This type of real-time collaboration is an excellent illustration of the synergy that is driving today’s gig economy. Zaid Farekh, CEO of Semantic Intelligent Technologies, attests to the fast turnover rate and high standards of quality that Ureed delivers: “I had an urgent document that I needed to translate for a presentation. I posted it on Ureed, and got it back in under 24 hours with excellent quality. Couldn’t have asked for better service.”

Freelancers on Ureed work in Arabic, English and a few European languages, with plans to add high-demand Asian languages soon. In addition to translation, editing and proof-reading, other services are offered, with an emphasis on content creation; such as freelance blog content writing services. The process is very simple and hiring blog writers and translators has never been any easier.

With its elegant design, intuitive interface, and supportive team, Ureed has attracted a large number of creative freelance writers and translators who are eager to register on a platform that they feel is designed with them in mind. Arwa Alkhawaja, a translator who started bidding on jobs during the website’s beta test phase, said, “Ureed is the best freelance linguistic services platform I’ve ever used so far, and the fastest to bring me more opportunities as well as exciting new experiences.  It also has a fantastic team, I am so proud to be part of it.”

The freelancers working on the website have a set of linguistic skills that enable them to deliver quality work. Aside from the myriad of translators, editors, and proofreaders, there are also specific types of copywriters like product description writers.

Ureed offers tailor-made solutions for businesses of any size operating in a variety of sectors, including special package deals for startups. While it is the first online freelance linguistic and editorial platform specifically designed for the MENA market, the company is also actively expanding its operations outside the region, with the aim of helping foreign companies break down the language barrier and enter the Middle East market.  

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