Mohammed Nasser Al-Muneer Working With Many Story and Video Game Projects

New Comic Book Based on His Story Can Be Found Today

Kuwait – June 21, 2018 – Mohammed Nasser Al-Muneer is a story writer and video game producer who started working on a story in 2015 while in Brighton. His story Happy Asylum Day is available now and has recently been adapted into a comic book entitled lol: first time to be a hero.

Al-Muneer’s story is about Mack King, a martial arts expert who is out to save his brother from a terrorist group. The horror mystery story is a thrilling one with many memorable characters and a detailed story that will grip anyone who sees it. It is a dramatic story, but it also has a bit of a humorous streak to it to make for a more memorable and intriguing story people are bound to love. His book is currently available for sale through Amazon.

In addition, Al-Muneer is continuing to work on his video game projects. Among the works, he is taking care of right now include Hero to Zero, his new indie horror game.

Mohammed Nasser Al-Muneer is a truly resilient person. He has struggled over the years to find people who will help you him out getting his projects managed, but it is through his work that he is aiming to be more intriguing. He wants to let the world know about his great talented and everything he has to offer in his work.

The intriguing thing about what he is doing is that he is working with many of the functions in his programs himself. He is working hard to make it easier for him to produce games and stories that are fascinating and fine check out.

The work that Al-Muneer has to offer is growing in scope and will be intriguing for all people to explore and enjoy. Be sure to check out his work online to see what he has to offer and how he is promoting his work and making it all the more intriguing and special for people to watch for. His currently offerings can be found right now through his Amazon page and will grow in size as more items are made available to the public.

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