Save Time and Get Primed for Any Occasion with Innovative Slick Solutions Back Lotion Applicator

June 21, 2018 – Busy schedules are never going to go away, and time is uppermost on everyone’s mind. The morning hustle to get ready and leave on time is now a part of everyone’s life. This challenge is now much easier with the new Slick Solutions lotion and cream applicator. The innovative lotion applicator is different from the rest in that it partially absorbs the fluid, making it absorb faster into the skin.

When time is of essence, the worst moments of the morning are those when one has to frantically ask a family member or friend help with applying lotion on the back. The conventional back lotion applicators did their job, but left much to be desired. They took longer, the application was uneven, and the user had to wait for the lotion or cream to dry up.

Slick Solutions observed the hassle, and took it away by innovating on the applicator design and functionality. Doing away with the usual designs of a pad on a stick, the new applicator is a band that evenly spreads the cream or lotion on the entire back.

The new band design we have introduced will apply the lotion or cream evenly across the entire back. What’s more important, users can save precious time and do not have to wait for the liquid to dry up. The band partially absorbs the lotion or cream, and lets its absorb quickly into the skin,” said a spokesperson for Slick Solutions.

Among other benefits, the Slick Solutions lotion applicator lasts for a year or more, and will not require constant replacements as is the case with other applicators. The product is made from high quality micro-fiber cloth, with durable and stretchable material and well stitched, on rope handles. After use, the band can be washed clean in a washing machine along with other laundry.

The Slick Solutions back lotion and cream applicator is now available from Amazon.

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