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Paras is a powerful and intuitive app that helps users to schedule day-to-day activities from board meetings to chores and errands. The AI-Driven app which tracks tasks is designed for solopreneurs who want to get a fulfilling balance between life, family, work, and community. Paras is more than a reminder app and it offers more holistic solutions when it comes to productivity.

Some of the top features that make Paras to stand out are: A Set Reminder that notifies users of deadlines before they are due. The Postpone To-Do feature allows users to shelf tasks for today, tomorrow, next week etc. while the Repeat To-Do feature lets users perform tasks more than once. This means that tasks can be repeated as many times as the users want. Setting up the daily or weekly to-do list can be monotonous but with Paras, one can make copies of daily, weekly or monthly tasks. There’s a checklist used to manage every task on to-do list and tasks can be simplified into easy-to-understand projects and lists. Paras has Tags and Labels that make it easy to organize tasks. Users can also add the Google Calendar to further amplify their project organization.

For someone with a busy life, Paras helps users to stay connected with family and friends by syncing activities and sharing them. Tasks and projects can also be delegated to other users in case one needs help. In order to get the perfect work-life balance, Paras’ AI is technologically advanced and it creates reminders automatically when tasks are due. This means users will get notified in time to carry out projects and get to spend the rest of their free time with their loved ones.

To manage projects and work as a team, this app can be used to invite other team members to work on a project. Large projects can be divided into sub-tasks making a huge and intimidating project to be an easy, small and manageable task. Furthermore, users working as a team can get in touch and even ask for support.

Paras isn’t designed for big projects only, it can be used for smaller tasks and errands as well Its simple user interface makes it easy to create simple tasks and reminders. The easy-to-use planner that is compatible with Android 4.1 and up is available for download on Google Play Store.

About Paras

Paras is a mythical stone that turn anything it touches into gold. Paras app is the same. It helps you accomplish more both in personal and professional life. It can be used to balance life commitments so as to create a more fulfilling and harmonious lifestyle.

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