Cyronium is an Indonesian legal entity, under the name of PT Santara Daya Inspiratama. Cyronium is on progress of registering the company under the regulation of the Estonian government as a provider that buys and sells crypto and a certified crypto wallet provider. Cyronium is an Nxt-based-token, and this token is digital product software (not cryptographic currency) created as evidence of the limited rights and ownership of coin owners to use the functionality of its decentralized feature on the Cyronium website.

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The issuance process of the Cyronium-based-Nxt algorithm will be customized Based on the Cyronium specification. The token will be stored in Cyronium’s internal storage, and the Initial supply of Cyronium is 50,000 Tokens. The token which has been stored in the Cyronium’s storage will be distributed to Crypto Wallet or purse of crypto currency users (based on Ardor block chain wallet) if there is a transaction. After entering the wallet, the Cyronium token is officially owned by the user. Cyronium purchase process can also be done by way of entrusting tokens in Santara internal storage, a single marketplace for selling Cyronium.

Cyronium is a crypto currency made from a decentralized, independent, and transparent block chain technology which makes is secure from price manipulation unlike the stock market or forex. Cyronium is beneficial like other digital coins, and real and large-scale block chain projects support the potential for it to increases.

Cyronium is supported by a Founder who already has a good reputation of more than 30 years in the world of finance, investment, and mining of precious metal. It is also supported by a technology team that became Top Engineer in the world’s best IT companies, both directly involved as Cyronium’s work team and acting as a consultant. Also, Cyronium has strong support from the community, prominent national figures, and digital economic actors. The noble mission of Cyronium is to bring good digital economic growth in the future for the benefit of the public.

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Company Name: Cyronium
Contact Person: Afrig Wasiso
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Phone: +62274 2822744
Address:International Financial Centre Tower 1 lantai 15 Jl. Jendral Sudirman No.Kav 22-23
City: Jakarta 12920
Country: Indonesia