Tritanium Labs Announces Public Token Crowdsale for their “end-to-end” business and hybrid blockchain solution

The next groundbreaking opportunity for cryptocurrency is its use in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) commerce. Tritanium overcomes the technical and logistics issues preventing the business adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Singapore – June 22, 2018 – Public blockchains like bitcoin opened up a revolutionary new financial market by removing the central authority in financial transactions. Businesses of all sizes are counting on business (private)blockchains to do the same for logistics, manufacturing, and other business processes where businesses collaborate and need to share information.  Through projects like hyperledger, massive companies are focusing on business blockchain solutions that only apply to businesses that can spend millions of dollars on application development.  In order for businesses to adopt business blockchain and cryptocurrency, three requirements must be achieved.  First, business blockchains must become easy to implement, work within existing Information Technology (IT) infrastructures, and provide the tools developers need to develop innovative applications.  Second, an interface between the business blockchain and public blockchains must be provided to expose the financial functions provided by the public blockchain. And finally, a public blockchain must be provided that protects the identity of business performing transactions on the blockchain. 

Tritanium solves the problems businesses face adopting blockchain by providing a complete end-to-end solution. Tritanium provides a practical business blockchain, a cryptographically secure interface to the public blockchain, and a public blockchain protected by one-time use public keys and ring-signatures. Tritanium goes even further by providing developers with tools allowing them to create blockchain applications using programming languages they are already familiar with. 

The Tritanium Izzy blockchain ( is a hosted private business blockchain that can be installed in a businesses’ existing database and network infrastructure. Tritanium provides easy to follow roadmaps that assist businesses in getting started developing blockchain applications.  The Tritanium Kobie interface is a graph-to-blockchain API that allows developers to store graph style document-oriented data within the business blockchain.  This revolutionizes blockchain application development by eliminating the need for smart contracts in business blockchain applications. 

The Tritanium Coin and Platform is a mined cryptocurrency based on the secure Cryptonote technologies that creates transactions that are untraceable to anyone but the participants in the transaction.  This overcomes one of the largest barriers preventing businesses from using cryptocurrency for business transactions.  

The Tritanium crowd sale of the TTNZ token offers the ERC-20 token that is directly convertible 1:1 for the Tritanium coin running on the Tritanium platform once the public sale is complete.  Our mission is to make the TTNZ coin the primary cryptocurrency of B2B and B2C transactions by providing businesses and application developers with everything they need to build innovative blockchain applications.

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