WCTF 2018: A Festival Welcomes All CTF Players around the World

Founded in 2016, now WCTF has come to its third year. It is a three-day event combines CTF competition and seminars, will fall on July 6th to 8th, 2018 at Wangjing Hyatt Hotel in Beijing, China.

WCTF is exclusively sponsored by the Chinese largest security company – 360 Technology and organized by team 360Vulcan. With the highest CTF bonus, the best CTF teams and the most creative challenges, WCTF 2018 has caught much attention recent years.

There will be three different games holding at the same time on WCTF 2018: On-site CTF + Online CTF + Campus CTF.

On-site CTF includes two sessions: CTF battle and seminar. WCTF Committee invited ten top teams according to their last year’s ranking on CTFTIME and performance to come to Beijing battling on site.

As part of the competition, players will share their problem-solving method and ideas in the seminar, which provides a great opportunity to learn from the top talents.

The total bonus is up to $100000 and will be shared by the top three on-site CTF teams with an amount of $50,000, $30,000 and $20,000, respectively.

On-site CTF assembles the world’s top hackers. Some of them are familiar to public for their experience in CTF field, for instance, Dragon Sector, Shellphish, LC ↯BC and 0daysober. There is also team with less experience, but talented: Cykor, the youngest invited team with an average age of 21.8 years old.

In order to give more opportunities to CTF players,the WCTF committee added online CTF and Campus CTF this year.

Campus CTF targets in students, aiming at discovering the rising forces of the security industry. Online CTF faces to all CTF players as there are a lot of talents hidden in the private sector. The champions of both online CTF and Campus CTF will be invited to participate in next year’s on-site WCTF.

Besides of competitive bonus, WCTF 2018 is also attractive for its cutting-edge challenges which are created by top CTF teams.

Both difficulty and enjoyment were taken into account, meanwhile the topicality. This year, you will see hotspots in the challenge bank such as smart contract vulnerability in block chain, attack scenario of Intel SGX and security issues of Windows latest linux subsystem.

To make this event the most successful, the organizer, 360Vulcan team has made great efforts on selecting teams and challenges. It self is a famous vulnerability research team. It pwned serval target on recent year’s pwn2own and got “master of pwn” on pwn2own2017. Recently, the team just uncovered a very serious remote vulnerability on EOS system which has drawn much attention of public.

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