Unbelievable! This real estate from Shenzhen is on the big screen of New York Times Square!

A Chinese Manhattan has taken form.
On the morning of 22nd June 2018, the Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarter Base from China landed itself on the Nasdaq screen in New York Times Square, and has once again showed the world the charm of Shenzhen.

As well as this, Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarter Base currently has a few assets available for sale, such as Bay Park Center, developed by ShenZhen Metro and Vanke, which also made a stunning appearance. The constant scrolling videos attracted a lot of attention.

Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarter Base is located in the core of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, China. It is a brand-new headquarters economy zone built by the Shenzhen government.

In a document issued by Shenzhen Municipal Government on the future city of Shenzhen Bay, it also clearly stated that: “Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base is a model of the future city and is a world-class coastal city skyline. It is a typical example of a global high-tech industrial cluster. In the future, Shenzhen will develop into a functional center for global cities.”

Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters B
ase Picture

It is understood that a number of Fortune 500 companies has already settled the Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base.

Within 900 meters of the headquarters of the CITIC Financial Center, six Fortune 500 companies such as ZTE, Hengli Group, China Merchants Bank, CITIC, Vanke, and Evergrande have gathered in one place.

Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters B
aseplanningmap and the settled enterprises)

After a few years, the Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarter Base is expected to become one of the most concentrated areas for China’s Fortune 500 companies.

It is noted that in this Fengshui treasureland, only the Bay Park Center developed by ShenZhen Metro and Vankecan be sold, and there are very few available assets in the future!

Shenzhen Vanke 
Zhen Bay Project Project Picture)

The Bay Park Center is the first debut project of the Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base positioned as the headquarters of the Fortune 500 companies. The project contains apartments, offices, shopping mall, and luxury hotel, and occupy a total area of about 68,000 , and have a total build area of about 470,000 . They are large-scale high-end complexes in the core coastal areas of the city.

According to reporters’ information: In 2018, the Bay Park Center will launch new units. This will be a rare opportunity for all buyers to own assets in the world headquarters!

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