Bay View Projetos emerges #1 partner for international investments in Itaparica island

Bay View Projetos is offering modern apartments and Executive studios on Itaparica island from less than $88,000

Salvador City – June 22, 2018 – Great news for real estate investors planning to invest in the beautiful Itaparica island, Brazil. Leading real estate company Bay View Projetos is extending a great host of luxury residential and vacation apartments in the island at a pre construction  price. The London-based firm now is  the #1 partner for international investments in the famous Brazilian island.

A magnet for the rich in the 70s and the 80s, Itaparica is presently witnessing a regeneration of demand in the real estate sector. Added to its spectacular scenic beauty, amazing beaches and happening lifestyle, the recent developments in the islands roads and infrastructures are other major factors behind the growing interests from the foreign real estate investors in the region.

However, the most significant factor driving the real estate boom in the Brazilian island is surely the latest news on the construction of a six lane road bridge that will be linking Salvador city to Itaparica island. A much-awaited project, the bridge will dramatically reduce the transportation time from Salvador city to the island to a mere 12 minutes compared to the current one-hour sea journey. 

Amongst others a Chinese delegation have offered $3 billion for the construction of the bridge with the project starting this year. Joao Leao, the planning minister of Bahia State has stated that the government is expecting the bridge to be completed by 2023.

“The news of the new bridge connecting Salvador city to Itaparica island is certainly one of the best things for the island’s real estate scene today. With this bridge, we expect an increase of 500% in residentship on the island in the next 7 years and we are strongly anticipating the demand of new homes on the island for the growing middle class in Bahia and huge increase of interest from foreign countries”, stated Richard Bowles, the Managing Director of Bay View Projetos.

Richard Bowles, Managing Director – Bay View Projetos.

The company is offering a great range of  residential and  vacation apartments with all the modern amenities yet at an affordable range for investors. Including a fixed rental return. Fitness & spa zones, swimming pools lush green tropical gardens. Spacious rooms with cutting-edge plush décor and 24/7 security – the new luxury apartments from Bay View Projetos have them all.

“If you are looking for a powerful investment in Brazil, Itaparica island is the best place for you today. We are your ultimate real estate investment partner here. We are delivering amazingly luxurious properties that assure lucrative investment potential- whether you are looking for a second home or an additional source of income or a vacation villa for your beach holidays.”

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