Divibe Tech\’s Laura Egocheaga is Emerging as a Game-Changing Strategist For Automotive Dealers Worldwide

The Inspiring Young Woman is Single-Handedly Saving The Declining Car Dealerships With Her New & Effective Digital Strategy Service

Tampa, FL, USA – June 23, 2018 – Divibe Tech has proudly announced that it has developed an effective digital strategy service, which is tailored for dealerships to reach Generation Z and their full buying power. Car dealers worldwide can now use this service to generate leads in order to boost their sales to unprecedented heights. The program is founded by Divibe Tech’s Founder and CEO Laura Egocheaga, and she is a revolutionary entrepreneur, known worldwide for redefining the online presence for her clients.

“We are basically a growth hacking marketing firm, tailored to help brands attract and build relationships with generation z so they can be nurtured into consumers.” said Laura Egocheaga, the CEO and Founder of Divibe Tech, while introducing the company. “This program will simply save the traditional car sales industry and is particularly designed for the automotive dealers across the United States and worldwide.” she added.

In addition, Laura’s effective digital strategy will increase the revenues and growth potential in terms of sales for these car dealerships in millions of dollars. Increasing dealership revenue is not an easy task to accomplish, but this customized strategy has been designed in an effective manner for this particular industry. Moreover, Laura’s marketing automation and advertising skills are specifically designed to target the Generation Z, which are the people born between the mid-90s to mid-2000s.

In order to make sales more effective on the generation Z, Laura has deeply studied and understood the buying trends of this unique generation, which is not brand loyal. According to Forbes, 57 percent of Gen Z reports they would rather save money than spend it and it is a serious difference-making trait about this generation. However, her 2-day in-house digital marketing strategy has effectively addressed all these issues and she has helped several major dealers across the United States in multiplying their sales into many folds.

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