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Substance abuse is on the rise in Canada but thankfully, in Vancouver, there are centres that help. Centers with great compassion, empathy and complete understanding. These rehabilitation centers for treatment for drug and alcohol addiction are well aware of the problems and are there to offer their non-judgmental help. Do not delay, get help today!

The Inspire Change Wellness Treatment Center

Situated in North Bluff Road, White Rock, South Surrey, Vancouver, BC this wellness center is one such institution. The Inspire Change Wellness Treatment Center. Here they offer a range of treatment programs and appeal to families or relatives who are known to these addicts to bring them for treatment. Alcohol addiction is especially difficult and is on the rise. Many alcohol products can be safely consumed in normal quantities without restriction or the transgressing of any laws. Beginning often as a social event, it can be a lengthy procedure to treat. Alcoholism is sometimes difficult to detect as families are not always aware that there is abuse until it is too late.

How much is too much

In today’s society where pressures come from all sides it is easy to forget all by turning to alcohol or drugs. We know that one drink becomes two, and two become three and so on. Similarly, the other sources of absconding from responsibility is to smoke a ‘joint’ as they commonly are referred to and which can be any amount of varied types. The problem with any of this type of escapism is that it not only relieves one of responsibility, it is poisoning the very body that absorbs the substance. Today as drug and alcohol use are on the rise the rehabilitation centers are assisting more and more addicts. The use of these centers is becoming more frequent and so help is at hand when it is most needed but, to get this help requires a certain amount of will power or possibly the help of a friend or family member. Becoming a part of the countries statistics is unnecessary and frightening. Unfortunately, this is happening, but there are resources at hand.

What is on the market

Despite laws governing these substances they are still in free supply. It could be alcohol served to under age children with no apparent sense of responsibility until it’s too late. It could be one of the more “popular drugs” such as Ecstasy or Marijuana, Cocaine and ‘Bath salts’ as they are termed, all proffered to school children and, the number of users between the ages of 15 to 24 years is increasing.

Most Provinces in Canada

Canadian Provinces have seen an increase in drug related deaths and many deaths, coupled with too many overdose cases, were seen so far this year alone. Drugs such as Fentanyl, used as a pain medication is and therefore prescribed in some instances. This drug is banned with exception for strict medicinal uses but does enter the country in large quantities. In spite of these drugs being seized often by the CBSA at border posts, the quantity coming into the country has increased. Efforts are being made jointly by the Canadian Minister of Public safety and his Chinese counterpart to try to stem the flow of material illegally entering the country. Without the drug rehabilitation centers the number would increase. Please do not delay contact: Vancouver’s alcohol detox center is at your disposal!

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