A Drug Free Treatment for Acute Acne

Today there has been much publicity about the use of lasers for medical surgical work and treatments. Lasers have been used extensively by the American Laser Group (AML) of Israel. Such pulsed lasers are used for skin problems.

SharpLight is a part of the AML who use lasers for the treatment of skin problems and the worst being acute acne. SharpLightis available in the Greater Toronto Area and is used to treat areas of the skin affected by acne. It is used by a skilled and trained technicians or dermatologists to treat the blemishes on the skin using their IPL (Intense Pulsed Laser) system. Besides being used for the treatment of Acne it is used for a multitude of other skin problems and is able to tighten the skin, remove unwanted hair and unwanted tattoos etc.

Treatment of Acne by SharpLight

The latest treatment for acne by lasers is quite encouraging, especially for teenagers. Acne is a cause for embarrassment at schools etc and besides which it needs to be treated to prevent it from becoming worse. We all have subcutaneous cells filled with oil and which can become overactive. These sebaceous glands as they are known are the main causes of acne. We all have hair follicles on the skin and whilst they may grow hair, the majority do not. The dead skin cells and excess oil when surfacing on the skin can form a pimple which can easily become infected which changes to and ugly redness. SharpLight Laser therapy can remove these marks with intense pulsed light (IPL) and the treatment is approved by the FDA.

There are various causes of acne including but not limited to poor hygiene, some allergies to specific foods etc. In some cases, cysts can form before treatment is given, however treatment for this is even available for this as well. Stress is a well-known factor and can produce a form of acne.

SharpLight, because it is a non-invasive system treatment is quick and effective. There are also new, advanced systems, the Omnimax and the Rapid series of pulsed lasers. The Omnimax system is very effective in the treatment of acne vulgaris which can leave scarring of the skin. (Acne vulgaris is an inflammatory disease of the pilosebaceous unit which affects up to 90% of people. This pilosebaceous unit consists of hair and/or hair follicle together with the erector pili muscle and the sebaceous gland.  Either Aesthetic practitioners or dermatologists can choose different settings depending upon the intensity of the treatment. There are no side effects from using laser treatments and there is also no lost time or downtime involved.

Patients may wish to visit http://sharplight.com/treatment/acne-machine/ to learn more about this treatment.

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