BATS Advisory Group Wants to Help Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Contractors Save Money and Get the most out of the New Tax Law

BATS Advisory Group Founder and Tax Partner Gireaud Joseph
BATS Advisory Group is an advisory and consulting firm serving small to mid-size businesses and nonprofit organizations in the DC Metropolitan area. The firm is announcing a new online course targeted at business owners, entrepreneurs and contractors to help them understand changes to the tax code and how small to mid-sized businesses can benefit.

By Zoey Thompson

Bethesda, MD – With tax season over many businesses are breathing a sigh of relief, while others are making use of the extension to figure out how to minimize their tax burden or take advantage of those benefits available. BATS Advisory Group is a sought-after consulting firm that has helped countless area businesses and entrepreneurs make the most of tax planning, deductions and other strategies in order to legally reduce their tax burden. Gireaud Joseph is the founder and tax partner of BATS Advisory Group. In this role, he has used his extensive tax expertise to advise, instruct, and develop tax-saving strategies for his clients. Gireaud maintains professional memberships with the NAEA, AICPA, and GWSCPA and has used his credentials and extensive knowledge of tax laws to create informative content for business owners, entrepreneurs and contractors. His latest online course “Tax-Saving Strategies” is just released and was created with the small-to-mid-sized business owners in mind. 

“I believe in both following the law and paying the least amount of taxes possible,” says Gireaud. “Most of my clients are at the stage in their business lifecycle were every penny counts and is needed to grow and sustain their businesses. Unlike mega firms and corporations, they don’t have a team of lawyers and tax professionals available to help them avoid paying too much in taxes. They don’t know what deductions and loopholes are available to them. I see it as my job to show them.”

Gireaud has created a plethora of useful content for business owners, including online course and is the chief consultant at BATS. The mission of BATS is to help business owners and entrepreneurs make better and more informed decisions.  As founder of the organization, Gireaud takes the lead in developing successful tax strategies for clients. His primary role of is that of tax consultant, offering targeted services for business owners, entrepreneurs, contractors, and self-employed individuals. 

“I founded BATS with the mission of helping clients understand various opportunities available to them under the tax codes,” he explains. “All of our activities are coordinated to ensure that our clients are in the best position possible to grow.”

BATS conducts risk assessments, monitors financial activities, assists with tax planning, reporting, and strategy, as well as, monitors compliance and acts as the client’s IRS representation. The online course “Tax-Saving Strategies” ( is currently available to the public.

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