How Ontario Container Transport Makes Packing A Simple Task

Moving can be an exciting new adventure. Setting up a new home, starting a new job, and enjoying the adventures a new address has to offer are all things to look forward to. Unfortunately there is a task most dread and that is packing. Looking around point A and deciding how to get everything to point B can be overwhelming. With that said, let’s look at the solution to this problem. Ontario Container Transport is the solution and there for anyone ready to get started on the moving process.

Moving Boxes

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes! That is what Ontario Container Transport has to offer all clients. One has to ask if searching and asking every store in town for boxes is worth it. The time it takes to find boxes is time taken away from the actual task of packing. Even worse are the smells that may travel along with belongings. That then requires more work once point B has been reached. At Ontario Container Transport one will not waste any time or create more work to be done. Moving boxes from Ontario Container Transport feature many great qualities, including:

  • Affordable
  • Secure
  • Easy to use
  • No Smells

Wardrobe Boxes

Ontario Container Transport offers this little gem called the wardrobe box. A wardrobe boxes is a dream because not only will your clothes not be wrinkled and smelly when unpacked, they will travel on hangars. This makes it so easy to get them out of the old closet and transfer them to the new one easily. Wardrobe boxes from Ontario Container Transport include:

  • A metal rod in each box
  • Clothes being hung up to travel
  • The best way to have fresh, unwrinkled clothes when unpacked

Picture and Mirror Boxes

Oh, the pictures and mirrors. Packing these can be the hardest task. These delicate pieces can be easily broken while being packed and transport. Ontario Container Transport has the solution. Their picture and mirror boxes are a two-piece box. This two-piece construction allows for a snug fit around any type of picture or mirror. Rest assured, with these boxes, no broken glass will result.

Ontario Container Transports is the freight shipping expert in Ontario, Canada. Founded by Barry Nissan and Erik Waisman, they built their business on the principle of helping others. Their business is to help others ease the stress that comes with moving. They offer a variety of services and thrive on the OTC Advantage, which is to streamline moving, warehousing, and distribution functions for clients.

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