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Eating nutritious food is an important step toward healthy living. Even so, life tends to get in the way of preparing healthy meals at home. Too often, fast food wins out and families are eating food filled with empty calories, loads of grease, and not so fresh ingredients. Families today need a place to turn to which can help supply healthy food at their convenience. People who have chosen to eat in a different way, for example vegan, also need a place to get meals that fit those life choices. When life is getting in the way, there is a place to go. The professionals at On the Road Meals are here to help.

A Balanced Meal

At On the Road Meals, there are three meal plans to choose from. The balanced meal plan allows a family or person to get just the right amount of nutrients and calories. This plan comes with six pre-selected meals for Sunday and Wednesday. Each meal costs $12.92 or it’s possible to get the entire menu for the low price of $155.00. On average, this is the cost of a grocery run per week. A few of the mouth-watering choices include:

  • Greek Beef Burgers
  • Buffalo chicken
  • Miso Glazed Cod

Low Carb Meals

With people becoming more health conscious in the 21st century, the chefs at On the Road Meals have developed a meal plan that allows people to be cognizant of bodily health without all the hassle. There are six pre-selected meals for Wednesdays and Sundays. Each meal in this plan is $12.92 each and $155.00 for all meals. For a price as good as this, people are able to fit a healthy lifestyle into the busy everyday life. Imagine eating foods like:

  • Low Carb General Tso’s chicken
  • Low Carb Firecracker Salmon
  • Low Carb Buffalo chicken balls

Vegan Plan

A highlight of On the Road Meals is their vegan meal plan. This plan is designed for those who choose to eat in a vegan manner. On the Road Meals takes the guesswork out of choosing the right foods at the grocery store. It saves time and anguish. This plan offers six meals for Sunday and Wednesday delivery with each meal costing $12.02 or the total plan costing only $145.00.  Some delicious options include:

  • Greek Veggie Burger
  • Mixed Berry Parfait
  • Vegan Teriyaki Burger
  • Lemon Herb Falafel

On the Road Meals is a company of dedicated professionals who have a mission to help the people of Canada live healthy lives. The company’s chefs fulfill this mission by only using only fresh vegetables and ingredients delivered the same day.

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