Receive pain-free beauty with Rapid Contour by Sharplight!

The old saying says “no pain, no gain.” This is not true anymore. New technology and heightened levels of expertise allow a man or woman to receive the body they’ve always wanted without any pain or downtime.

Rapid Contour is an excellent piece of technology designed to help individuals reach their beauty goals without the pain of surgery and long recovery times. Take a look and see what Rapid Contour can offer to businesses and clients alike.

What is Rapid Contour?

Rapid Contour is a device which uses radio frequency for body contouring. Radio frequencies work by heating up the superficial and deeper layers of the skin. The process of heating up the skin allows for a smoother look to one’s skin. This happens because there is a contraction within the collagen fibers and fat cells will drain. The body believes it needs to create new collagen cells which allows for renewed elasticity. It’s easy to look and feel renewed with Rapid Contour treatments!

What is Rapid Contour Used For?

Rapid Contour is the device to have in any doctor’s office. This machine can be used for many body issues such as:

  • Circumferential reduction
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Body contouring
  • Skin tightening following a weight loss

All this can be achieved with the purchase of Rapid Contour for any medical establishment.

Benefits for Patients

Patients wanting to achieve a desired look without surgery and long recoveries will want to use Rapid Contour. Rapid Contour provides a pain-free, gentle treatment. There is no downtime involved. Radio frequencies allow patients to have a visible fat reduction in the eyes of their peers. It also helps one to feel better and look thinner.

Benefits for Medical Offices

Purchasing Rapid Contour is an easy decision. There are great financing options through Sharplight. Rapid Contour will pay for itself as more clients will be entering the doors. Other benefits include:

  • Businesses are allowed to start out slowly as they increase their services and technological capabilities
  • Body contouring has become a highly sought after service
  • Rapid Contour does not require consumables allowing for no recurring costs

Sharplight is a leader in the business of med-aesthetic technology. Beginning in the clinical corporate world, Sharplight gained the knowledge to found their manufacturing company in 2004. Sharplight has the experience to understand both practitioner and client needs. It has become a global business leader by developing systems in Israel, and its headquarters are located in Canada.

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