Roadlinx is Now Offering Warehouse and Distributing Services

Widely considered North America’s largest private independent intermodal logistics provider, Roadlinx is now offering in-house warehouse and distribution services. This service includes third-party logistics (3PL) or outsourced elements of the company’s distribution and fulfillment services. This service allows a company to have a freight brought to Roadlinx, stored at Roadlinx, and when needed, picked up and delivered using Roadlinx trucks, trailers, and flatbeds. Roadlinx made this move in a strategic effort to be able to satisfy every need of the customer while being in control of every important aspect of logistics in the process.

Important Aspects of Logistics that Roadlinx is now responsible for

Some of the most important aspects of logistics that Roadlinx will be in complete control of include but aren’t limited to:

  • Shipping and Receiving: Maintains company inventories, ships products or freights out and has them received.
  •  Package/Materials Handling: Prepping the product or freight to be sent out. This happens by first scanning it into the company database, placing a specialized barcode on the product, placing the product on a pallet, wrapping the pallet, and loading it onto a truck to be sent out.
  •  Transportation: Efficient and effective transportation is a necessity in logistics.
  • Demand Forecasting/ABC Analysis: Being able to decide based on the quantity of supply and demand which product is most desired and which product is least desired in a logistics environment.
  • Production Planning: The basics of planning how everything in a distribution center will work together to create a quality product or increase production within the warehouse without lowering the company’s value.
  • Purchasing: This aspect is just as important as the delivery of the product itself. Expert negotiates are needed to finalize the details of the purchase of products or services within a distribution center.

Newer state of the art equipment and services make warehousing easy again

Most warehouses have to worry about how fast the product will be prepped to be sent out, especially when receiving large bulk products regularly. Roadlinx doesn’t seem to have the same issue. Cross-docking enables Roadlinx to load from a single freight to another with little to no storage, making the movement of freights much faster. Weny News explains that the combination of smooth cross-docking, shrink-wrapping service, and palletizing services equal inventory moved in and out quickly.

All of this is done with a team of specialists who make sure the product or freight gets from point A to point B and in the hands of the buyer.  With the number of roadlinx’s services, it’s no wonder they are considered a leader in intermodal logistics. If anyone in the Toronto area is interested in having freight moved, roadlinx is the way to go. Contact roadlinx at (905)-760-1141 or email the company at

About the Company:

Founded in 1985 by Howard Kruger, Roadlinx is the leader in privately-held intermodal logistics. Roadlinx “intermodalogistics” allows a customer to utilize the company’s 60 service centers, 50 onsite locations, and over 2,200 vehicles. Roadlinx takes prides in providing safe, cost-effective, and reliable intermodal transportation services.

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