BitMart – The Next Generation Globally Integrated Digital Asset Platform

The BitMart Exchange is a globally integrated digital asset platform founded by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that provides digital asset spot trading, futures contract trading, OTC trading, and other services for clients all around the world. With a tech and business team of over 60 people and years of deep experience in the fintech and blockchain industry, the BitMart Exchange team is devoted to providing a faster, more secure, and smoother trading experience to cryptocurrency investors.


Blockchain, Crypto Market and Problems Facing Trading Platforms

Blockchain technology and alternative cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm. Although blockchain was first conceived as a transparent, private, secure, and tamper-proof way for conducting and recording transactions without the dependence on an external third-party to oversee the exchange, blockchain-based projects today promise to bring about a global revolution. In fact, there are now tradeable crypto-assets used in countless industries, including healthcare, agriculture, finance, banking, transportation, logistics, education, and even in the social media space, governance, politics, and more.

All of the tokens and assets created by these ambitious projects have actual value based on the real-world problems they solve, and online exchanges are used to trade these assets and tokens. With the explosion of the cryptocurrency space in the last few years, there are now billions of dollars’ worth of trades conducted across exchanges around the world on a daily basis. By empowering the general public to invest in cryptocurrency projects and initiatives of their choosing without any hindrance or obstacles, blockchain has unlocked a vast amount of untapped value, and this is what fueled the crypto boom – not just in the form of new tokens but in the form of highly lucrative cryptocurrency mining and trading as well.

Every new idea, however, is not without issues. First of all, many people do not understand the underlying technology behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Also, the crypto market is one that is open to everyone around the world all of the time; it is a truly 24/7 market with no close. Because of this, cryptocurrencies and crypto assets exhibit very high levels of volatility, with trade taking place around the clock on hundreds of different platforms ranging from online exchanges to specialized hedge funds.

In the face of high volatility and an absence of clear rules (because the crypto market is still somewhat in its infancy), crypto traders face a number of serious challenges when it comes to making investments in the crypto space, including all of the following:

–       Extreme volatility

–       Highly speculative markets

–       Low liquidity

–       Pump and dump schemes by large players

–       The risk of being hacked

–       A severe lack of reliable trading facilities

Because of these problems, combined with the high rewards that malicious actors try to gain by circumventing system securities (in other words, by hacking), this is a very risky industry to participate in. Furthermore, a lack of formal legislation and clarity on how crypto assets are to be legally classified make tax issues and government interference two major threats that stand in the way of the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

There are also many obstacles standing in the way of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects becoming a truly mainstream way to approach business, investment, finance, and operations. For example, direct intervention from the likes of government and resistance from large companies that do not want to lose their monopoly power in their respective industries and a lack of technical understanding of the crypto market by the general public are just some of the many areas that need to be worked on before meaningful progress can be made in the blockchain and crypto spaces.


BitMart – A Future Whole-network Trading Platform   

BitMart Exchange will help overcome these obstacles by providing users with useful and highly transparent trading tools that use blockchain ledger entries and smart contract technologies. Some of the services that the exchange will provide include data on the history, growth, profit, and performance of top cryptocurrency list tokens, private transactions, easy registration and participation on the platform, and cost-savings (in the form of discounts for using BMX for trading).

After the successful completion of roadshows in more than 16 cities, including New York, Boston, Silicon Valley, Moscow, Seattle, Delhi, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Wenzhou, Kunming, Wuhan, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore, BitMart has been able to improve public awareness of the BitMart Exchange. These meetings also provided the exchange with an opportunity to address users’ needs and concerns, and this feedback was used to make the BitMart Exchange a lot more user-friendly.

BitMart currently offers crypto-to-crypto trading for coins and utility tokens with more than 430,000 users from over 160 countries. It has a global team with extensive industry experience from all over the world including the United States, Russia, India, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. Since launching in March, BitMart has a total trading volume of over $190,000,000 USD and currently offers 37 trading pairs for AISI, BTC, ETH, EFX, XRR, XLM, EOS, VEN, NEO, OMG, ZRX, IOST, ABT, MOBI, KAN, ZIL, KAN, ONT and BMX.

Thanks to steady growth and positive customer reviews, BitMart is officially listed on CoinMarketCap among the top 100 exchanges, and the exchange’s daily trade volume continues to grow as coins in the top cryptocurrency list are added.


Vote for Your Coin – Round 3 Campaign

In an effort to promote the use of cryptocurrencies and to educate the general public on blockchain projects that are solving real-world problems, BitMart Exchange runs a campaign in which registered BitMart users can vote for the token that they want the exchange to list. Users will be allowed one free vote per day with the option of paying 1 BMX per additional vote (11 votes per day max). BitMart will collect all BMX paid to vote for the winning project and return all BMX paid to vote for other projects.

In addition to voting, users can visit BitMart’s Twitter and retweet the related post in support of their favorite projects. They will randomly select 3 followers who retweet each project for 100 BMX each. Same user can only win once in this promotion. As a reward, BitMart will give 5,000 additional votes to the No.1 most retweeted project, 3,000 additional votes to the No.2 most retweeted project and 2,000 additional votes to the No.3 most retweeted project on Twitter.

This process allows popular projects to be listed for free and for the remaining five most voted projects will go directly into the final approve stage of the BitMart Coin Listing Review team. Once approved, coins and tokens are added to the current (and growing) list of tradeable tokens. 

13 nominees for Round 2 are as follows (in no particular order):

–       CET

–       DCT

–       ABDT

–       BBO

–       BZNT

–       RLTY

–       TCN

–       AIR

–       GBT

–       BBK

–       LIKE

–       INT

–       MASP

BitMart’s mission is to draw from the team’s strengths to create a globally integrated trading platform that provides safe, reliable, and professional services to investors and entrepreneurs worldwide to promote the development of the blockchain industry. This ambitious project also aims to provide a comprehensive space that allows everyone, regardless of their background and experience, to independently participate in cryptocurrency investment.

In the future, BitMart Exchange will take cryptocurrency trading to an entirely new level by providing a suite of high-tech services for traders, including all of the following

–       Spot Trading

–       Futures Contract Trading

–       Over-the-Counter Trading

–       Whole-Network Trading

–       Decentralized Trading:

–       All-Platform Support:

To learn more about BitMart Exchange, please visit their Website or join their Telegram.

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