John McAfee 2020 President Elect? Free Basic Healthcare & Emergency Psychological Services in 2018

“Docademic takes on the US”
The title sounds unreal but the reality is that the United States will be getting free basic healthcare and emergency psychological services in July 2018. Yes you heard right, 2018. This is the beginning of a new era that is changing the way that we think and challenging our traditional ideas.

The USA you know today

The US is traditionally known, around the world, for its “lack” of action to provide a solid healthcare program to its citizens. According to an article posted on the Huffington Post by Reverend; Executive Director of Faithful Reform in Health Care, there are several reasons why health reforms are so complicated. These include access and cost, political partisanship and economic self-interest of well financed key players. The Huff Post also state that the most vulnerable populations are those with the lowest incomes, elderly, veterans, and Native American/indigenous populations.

I myself like many other people around the world, watch with attentiveness each day as if Im watching a reality TV series where the American dream constantly slips away and there are more vulnerable citizens struggling just to get by each day. I watch hoping that the under dogs (Citizens) will break through their hoodwinked lives and demand what is rightfully theirs.   

There are 123 persons who die unnecessarily each day (5 per hour) in the United States. Anyone reading this article would see a statistic and while the numbers sound disgusting the effects are horrifying and deeply emotional to family and friends of those that pass away. For many US citizens, basic healthcare is just not available to them mostly because of the cost and travel inconvenience.

The USA of tomorrow

John McAfee a highly successful business man, was the first person to create a company that provided internet security to the world, which he later sold to Intel for 7.68 billion and he ran for the US presidency in 2016 as a Libertarian Party nomination. Mr McAfee has officially announced that he will be running for the US presidency in 2020 however he has a different angle on how he plans to move America forward to compete with the rest of the world. Three of his MAJOR goals are;

1 – Provide Free Basic Healthcare through a Company called Docademic (Featured on Fox Business) who are already providing free basic healthcare to Latin America and have now set up an office in California ready to Launch in the US on the 1st July 2018. They will also be providing emergency psychological services from the 23rd July onwards. Docademic is the only Healthcare Service in the world utilising blockchain technology. See Mr McAfee’s announcement on Twitter

2 “… stand on the world’s largest stage and talk to the everyone, as I did last time, to tell the truth.” If you follow Mr McAfee on Twitter, you soon realise that he is someone that has a no bull $h%7 approach and has a keen interest in advancing the United States that is stuck in an archaic bubble

3 – Promote blockchain technology and its benefits. With his main focus around eliminating privacy breaches in the US and around the world. A few high-profile cases you may be familiar with are Sears/ Kmart were up to 100,000 customer credit card info was stolen, Saks Fifth Ave estimated up to 1 million credit card details stolen, Under Armour was hacked giving the hacker/s access to information on 150 million customers, Whole Foods had unauthorised access to credit card information, Sonic informed Business Insider that Credit Cards from 5 million customers may have been stolen. These are just a few of the many cases in the United States today.  

Although John McAfee is an acquired taste, researching the tech that he is associated with that utilise the blockchain, you will soon see the bigger picture on how America could have a major paradigm shift in the coming years. Apart from free basic healthcare this year with Docademic, there are also blockchain companies providing technology to conduct a fair voting system for elections using the blockchain to store votes. It is so safe that the smartest hackers in the world including Russia wouldn’t be able to hack or influence the outcome of any election. Banks around the world rely on SWIFT to manage the exchange on international money transfers which take days to confirm and trillions of dollars wasted on Nostra Vostro arrangements. SWIFT could easily be removed by a company called Ripple who already have the infrastructure to remove the need for a Nostro Vostro arrangement by utilising blockchain technology, saving banks trillions of dollars thus passing on the savings to their customers (you and I).

The whole world is changing and old government ideologies are dying out quicker than you think. Younger, tech capable, advanced thinking, caring generations will take over and move the world forward while looking back at our previous generations wondering what the hell happened along the way. It takes a strong soul to stand up to these old Ideologies and the governments that create and live them day to day. Although John McAfee is an acquired taste, he is one person standing up for what he believes in, technology that makes sense and will change the world. Its important to have a few people spear heading the paradigm shift that America will appreciate and Mr McAfee, in my eyes is one of the key players.

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