Silverback Automotive – Lease Deals Offers the Best Car Lease in Los Angeles, CA

Burbank, CA – The chant of Silverback Automotive – Lease Deals, the vehicle brokerage firm based in Southern California is, “Skip the dealer and long sales process.” The innovative service of making car leasing stress-free and hassle-free has put the vehicle brokerage firm on the list of the best car lease in Los Angeles.

Leasing or buying a car has never been easier. There has always been a lot of hassles, stressors, paperwork, meeting dealers, analyzing dealers, worrying about issues of trust, inspecting the car, negotiating the best price, and many others. Even though one has the credit to purchase their vehicle, the process it takes to lease or buy the car makes it very tedious for many car buyers in Los Angeles.

Silverback Automotive – Lease Deals, acclaimed as “Southern California’s “Premier Auto Brokerage Firm,” redesigned their car leasing operations to make the entire process simple and easy for all types of car buyers in Los Angeles.

In order to make this system workable to the public, Silverback Automotive – Lease Deals created what they called, “VIP Service” designed for vehicle leasing and purchasing that is fun, simple, and convenient.

The VIP car leasing system has been made simple in three easy steps:

Speak with a Silverback specialist
Sit back & relax
Take delivery

Speak with a Silverback specialist

This is the first step in the VIP car leasing system. Individuals looking to buy or lease cars can visit their company’s website and simply click on the “Get Started” link. This leads them to a portal where they fill out a simple form, which provides details about their identity, how they found Silverback Automotive – Lease Deals, and the model car they want to purchase.

After filling out the form, a Silverback specialist speaks with the protective buyer and takes them through a process to get the key finances and lease terms information. This opens the prospective buyers to the next process in the VIP car leasing system.

Sit back & relax

Once a prospective buyer has spoken with a Silverback specialist, providing details of finances and lease terms, the automotive team goes to work, while the buyer sits back and relaxes.

In this process, the VIP specialist team collects and influences their network of car dealers to select the best car, negotiate the price and possible lease terms for the buyer.

Take delivery

This is the final process in the auto car leasing process. It involves paperwork and delivery of the vehicle to the buyer’s desired location. Buyers are required to submit their driver’s license and valid insurance card. Upon submission, processing is made, where the buyer can finally schedule about 10 mins on any working day to sign the forms and then have the vehicle delivered.

The process has been acclaimed by many of their clients as the best car lease in Los Angeles, CA, making the entire process of buying a vehicle simple, easy, and stress-free. On delivery, buyers simply pay a one-time service fee of $199 for the entire lease processing. Silverback Automotive – Lease Deals, offers Car lease special offers, which come As low as $75 Monthly.

Silverback Automotive – Lease Deals is located at 2713 W Olive Ave Ste B, Burbank, CA 91505 (by appointment only). Contact them via phone at (818) 588-0135, or via email at

For additional information, visit their website at

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