A new hot spot in China: Zero One Technology Festival is bringing the black technology till the end

If your technology is being branded “black” hat in China, don’t worry. “Black technology” is the brightest spot in China’s science and technology field. It has nothing to do with witchcraft or malice, it is about the technology that impacts rain waves, the future, and the world. You can imagine the stuff of science fiction movies: quantum teleportation, humanoid robots, and humanoid creatures. All of these things are already happening – HoloLens holographic lenses, Magic Leap virtual reality, Tesla electronic self-driven cars and cloned cattle…

It may be hard for many westerners to imagine how much technology already accounts for the daily lives of urban Chinese, and there is a large number of black technology followers in China who are coveting technology events like the American Microsoft Build, and Google I/O. China’s science and technology enterprise is an upsurge. At the CES expo of this year, 10% of the exhibitors are from “the capital of the intelligent technology industry” in China – Shenzhen.  That’s enough to show the great hit of this expo.

What is life going to be like in the future? It makes people looking forward to it and nervous about it. And the best way is to experience, play, feel, and of course, own it and collaborate.

Meet the future of black technology’s best arena and presentation

Compared with the unreachable cool concept, it is time for an activity that is full of technology and can be personally touched and perceived to end the situation we mentioned above.

Just at the right time, a national science and technology festival with the world’s first black technology at its core has became the spotlight. It seems to be the best arena and presentation to meet the future of black technology.

The Zero One Technology Festival, which is the first and has a strong background. Although named after the seemingly small digital elements of zeros and ones, but when they are put together, they unleash an infinite amount of power, and their plans reveal that they really want to play it big.

The first natural instinct of human is to survive. The second natural instinct is to live with technology. However, how to use the hardly achievable “second natural instinct” as the core theme? The answer is no man’s land.

When we are talking about no man’s land, there is a well-known phrase in China, “it’s like you’re going to the no man’s land”. It gives us feel like it’s a magical and mysterious yearning place, and more representative of a realm. The Zero One Technology Festival is also aimed to achieve the concept of “no man’s land” as their main image.

However, if they really want to create such a realm, it is really a test of the level and capabilities of the organizer. What makes them stronger is that they have given the thinking and plan of the special features of Zero One Technology Festival, which includes four themes: exploration, perception, release and awakening. From the name and theme of each exhibition area, we can easily see the competition to show attractive their own personality and charm.

An example will clearly illustrate the point. Connected to a mobile app designed specifically for the hardware, UMind developed by EEGSmart understands what certain movements of people mean by gathering their brain-wave activities, transferring the information to the app, which analyzes it and makes a judgment. It then moves to finish the command based on the judgment. The device can now be used on drones. It enables drone lovers to manipulate drones without a controller, merely by sending command to UMind through body movements. UMind is able to understand more than 10 types of body movements.

At Zero One Festival it’s easy to see how black technology feels just by looking at the names of the products on display, allowing the audience to experience the most cutting-edge intellectual lifestyle at the moment, and believe they will feel that kind of future travel.

How do we achieve the no man’s land? In the author’s opinion, it is a better experience to have a feast of eyes and enjoy the pleasure, with the collision and confrontation of the mind at the same time.

Technology and thought can be a powerful driving force for social development in a larger sense, and being reduced to a science and technology festival is also enough to support the central idea of activities. From what has been described above, we can see the emergence of a national science and technology festival that brings together high-tech, new technology, smart products, and ideas.

A technology festival might bring up the hope for a better life

What kind of impact and effectiveness can a technology festival have? We might have thought we’d take a cursory look at a convention like the one in America,  and a perception of something new.

However, the Zero One Technology Festival will give people a different impression. It has been meticulously planned, polished, decorated, and made a stunning appearance at the birthplace of the reform and opening up the movement of Shekou I-Factory, Shenzhen on 5th and 8th July.  Under the environment of artificial intelligence and people are eager to find out the influence of artificial intelligence, it is the time to provide a base for people to experience the black technology and the intelligent technology in the future life.

After visiting the Zero One Technology Festival, the expectation is not only to bring participants some intelligent conversation about black technology, but it also gives a person a kind of yearning, and the ideal life is clearly visible.

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