UK-Based Tech-Startup Announces to be the World’s First to Tokenize People on a Large Scale

Tokenaire Ltd aims to personalize the blockchain for the general public. Simply, easily, and at low cost.

June 25, 2018 – While blockchain startups race to tokenize everything from oil reserves to money, the glaringly obvious hasn’t been attempted: Tokenizing People. Tokenaire Ltd, a tech and blockchain startup located in the heart of London, has announced that it will be the world’s first to tokenize people on a large scale. It offers a simple, easy, and cheap means of personalizing the blockchain to every individual worldwide.

“You will receive your own, personalized tokens for only ~$8 USD. Your token makes it easy to find your data-transactions on the blockchain and links them to your identity. Share them with your friends, followers or sell them on our Marketplace,” says the Tokenaire CEO Reinhard Zach. “You can store text, images and even videos immutably and irreversibly, directly on the blockchain for only ~$0.006 USD per KB, ~400x cheaper than on Ethereum.”

In describing how the company began, he adds, “Recreating ourselves across every medium is human nature. We’ve built statues, immortalized ourselves in portraits, and today spend hours fine-tuning social media profiles. Doing the same on the blockchain—permanent, decentralized, and not owned by giant corporate entities that could simply ban you or delete your content—will inevitably become reality. It’s like the ultimate Time Capsule.”

To deliver on the low-cost promise that makes personalized tokens accessible to everyone, the platform will be built on Waves. Tokenaire’s customized Marketplace features low trading fees relative to competitors. Transaction fees are fixed at 0.003 Waves (~USD 0.012$), no matter the size of the order. The Marketplace also removes the prohibitively expensive cost of becoming listed on a cryptocurrency exchange. Every individual’s token is listed automatically as part of the set up. The Marketplace backend is based on the Waves DEX, a proven and well-tested exchange, operational for over a year without any issues. It adopts a Hybrid-Architecture to ensure trades are typically executed within milliseconds, despite the decentralization.

The AIRE Token Sale begins on 14 July 2018 with an early bird round at discounted pricing, followed by a regular sale on 29 July 2018. To participate, interested parties are invited to complete the KYC process. The sales will be conducted in BTC and a referral program is in place to reward individuals who have brought in others. They will receive 5% of the BTC contributed by others who used their referral link.

Upon achieving profitability milestones, Tokenaire will use 20% of its profits to buy back AIRE tokens and invalidate (burn) them, at the end of every quarter. This will be done repeatedly until all AIRE tokens that were sold during the Token Sale are bought back.

Sum&Substance, a market leader in online-identity-verification in Europe and Asia—trusted by Deloitte, ICO-Bench and—formed an official partnership with Tokenaire Ltd. in order to ensure best-in-class identity verification for the tokenizations.

Hacken—a trusted provider of a wide range of cybersecurity services—formed a partnership with Tokenaire Ltd. in order to ensure the highest security standards for all of Tokenaire’s components through penetration-tests, code- and security-audits.

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