Greg Myracle delivers positive message in debut children’s book

Greg Myracle releases first book titled “Herbert Butterwinkle and the Sunshine Surprise,” where he teaches “what makes you different, makes you great”.

Bullying affects millions of children from all walks of life, and the effects can be devastating. It has become imperative for society to discuss and explore potential solutions to the issue. Greg Myracle in collaboration with Agnes Ernoult, who is the illustrator, have consequently put heads together to release “Herbert Butterwinkle and the Sunshine Surprise”.

The book puts a positive spin to being unique or different, teaching children to embrace their uniqueness and feel confident about their personality and image, as opposed to seeing themselves as outcasts.

Full of vibrant color, the book combines text with dynamic watercolor and colored pencil illustrations.

The 8.5 x 11 hard cover edition of Herbert Butterwinkle and the Sunshine Surprise is currently available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, with the e-book/KINDLE version launching July 1. The book has already started to garner positive reviews from readers across the globe.

What a precious book with beautiful artwork. In this world where people are so concerned with following into the footsteps of others, this book focuses on the uniqueness of everyone. You can do anything you set your mind to. Greg Myracle’s style of writing allows both young and old to envision the world of Herbert, through Herbert’s eyes.” says L. Smith.

The flipbook of “Herbert Butterwinkle and the Sunshine Surprise” can be viewed for a limited time here.

About Greg Myracle

Greg Myracle is a self-professed “creative goofball,” forever committed to viewing the world through awe-filled eyes. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Greg now resides in rural Orange, Virginia-in a sort of semi-permanent state of chaos thanks to his wife and two daughters, who are responsible for their ever-growing fur family. Greg is also a licensed inventor and enjoys speaking to young children about the power of creativity and the importance of never discounting one’s own unique talents and gifts. When not behind the keyboard, Greg can often be found in the great outdoors fishing or walking trails, brainstorming new ideas and projects.

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