Ulterra Provides Different Kinds Of Drilling Parts and related technology

Ulterra is a company that specializes in drilling products and services. They claim to be known as the fastest growing drill bit company in the world. The company has 300 employees and offices around the world. Their products aim to lower drilling costs, reduce risks, and save more time for production.

Ulterra has received several certifications. In February 2016, they have completed the American Petroleum Institute (API) Recertification Audit of their Quality Management System (QMS). Their skills are derived from years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and repairing PDC bits.

The company is known for their high-quality drilling parts. They sell steel and matrix PDC, torkbuster, trugauge, and other products. Ulterra claims that their product is preferred by many companies for its quality. For more information, they have a product portfolio on their website.

Other than their products, Ulterra is known for their UTechnology. This technology is Ulterra’s own patented products. UTechnology can be used for designing, manufacturing, repair and maintenance, customer service, quality control, materials development and other company functions.

An example of their UTechnology is their Counterforce vibration control product. It is Ulterra’s patented technology that uses a unique cutter configuration for better performance. Counterforce can reduce torque and vibration, improve drilling and directional performance, and generate higher ROP.

Another example of their UTechnology is their Fastback ROP enhancement. It is equipped with a unique-shaped blade that assures better performance. Fastback ROP enhancement has been shown to deliver consistent performance and good erosion control. They have a page for UTechnology on their website for interested clients.

Aside from providing drilling products, they also have a segment for drilling-related news on their websites. Most of their news articles are informative stories about new drilling technologies. These stories are quite beneficial for clients and companies who need to be updated for the latest drilling technology.

Interested clients can contact the company through a contact form on their website. They can also be contacted through their landline number. Ulterra’s main office is currently based in Fort Worth, Texas; however, they have officers around the world. They can also be reached through their official social media pages. 

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