Photography by Jaspal to evolve pre-wedding shoots with a blend of reality and cinematography

Jun 25, 2018 – While each one of us dreams to have a fairytale wedding, each alliance is exclusive from the other for it involves peculiar ceremonies and rituals owing to the diversity our country beholds. On the whole marriage customs happen once in a lifespan for any prospective bride or groom and their families. In that event, photography and cinematography plays a vital role in making each moment memorable.

Away from all Bollywood visual effects, pictures look most glamorous when taken in original form and Jaspal knows exactly how to do this. Yes! Photography by Jaspal does not depend on fabled backgrounds that ruin the whole concept of candid. Instead the Delhi Photographer firmly believes in assisted photojournalism, where effort is to arrange cinematic view of real life lived by a person with his partner, in other words, de facto happenings.

In one of Delhi wedding photographer’s pre wedding shoot, he portrayed a beautiful love story of two architects Harmeet and Sudeep on the busy streets of Delhi and Gurugram. The clients preferred those locations where they actually found each other and decided to be together for the rest of their lives. According to Sudeep, “It’s not like we haven’t dressed up a tad bit more than usual for a pre wedding, we have! But then again, the pictures are clicked in a location where we connect with each other, not any random landmark. Being architects, JLN bridge was our preferred choice. And how magnificently Jaspal saw what we saw”. Amidst the tall buildings and crowded places Jaspal accorded the most exquisite yet graceful pictures of the duo.

The authenticity of the venues gave the two lovers the space and peace this pre-wedding shoot transformed into lifetime memories. Harmeet’s cousin expressed his amazement, “how on earth does the bridge picture looks like it’s in Delhi? I refuse to believe it! That’s only the work of a master to make a regular spot so visually appealing”.

In recent years, wedding photography has advanced from just posing or smiling for camera. With changing trends, people now prefer fearless photography where more emphasis is on candids. Jaspal’s love for photography is almost a decade old when ‘candid pictures’ were  hardly heard off by anyone. He aspires to beautify the simplicity with his skilful Assisted Photojournalism and Fine Art Portraits – the two most exciting forms of photography. The Delhi photographer affirms, “It’s not like we are taking the dream element out of the pre-wedding video and photo shoots. It’s still love being showcased in the most cinematic and dreamy form possible. We are just entering into real zones, real lives, real stories of real people “. For him the ultimate joy is taking a great shot, which doubles when client’s face lights up on seeing the actual depiction of their imagination through his lenses.

The most remarkable thing is the decency in his art particularly when a couple is up for their cozy photos, especially during pre-wedding photo shoot. To create absolutely brilliant set of memories, Photography by Jaspal assures to bring out the raw emotion of the couple with panache, with modesty.

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This was observed when Jaspal created magic with his camera during the pre wedding shoot of Amit and Aman, two doctors who serve in the Indian Army. Instead of picking up any embellished location, Jaspal chose to capture their love in Alwar, the place where they actually met. This fearless photographer made a simple place look so beautiful that it was hard to believe that clicks were from a small suburb. The eloquent pictures made the mother of the bride emotional, “It’s very rare to see my daughter’s full smile in pictures.   These are extremely special pictures for me”.   Our Delhi-based wedding photographer made the couple so easy, so comfortable that they were truly themselves during the shoot. Aman’s friend also said, that, “Pre wedding video has all that cinematic touch we see these days but what’s different is, the decency, and the neatness of it. Noses rubbing, such closeness, still it looks all so natural and loveable! Love, love, love it”.

Be it venue, clothes, music, make-up artists or catering, a plethora of arrangements are required for effectuating a perfect wedding. Amidst all action – pre wedding photography has gained a lot of ground these days. Whilst being in vogue, wedding cinematography is a necessity that frames-up the favoured occasions for everyone involved.

Nevertheless the wedding photography company, Photography By Jaspal, aims to capture minutest detail during every photo shoot  and clicks the moments when his clients are settled in their maximum comfort. Major Amit (client of Photography by Jaspal) states, “I was impressed with the precision and vision Jaspal had. We didn’t want an overly done background but still wanted our pre wedding video to showcase our love and romance. It did just that.”

When it comes to wedding photography – an effortless conversation, a slight extra makeover and travel to the couple’s desired location is all required by Jaspal. The Delhi Photographer is steadily engaged in making the wedding celebrations magnanimous by dint of his camera. And while he aces his art at capturing weddings, what makes him stand out of the crowd is his eyes for human emotions and perfect timing.

It’s often said that it’s  all in the perception, and well, Photography By Jaspal is here to redefine yours.

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