James Keenan Promoting His New Book 10/22/2036

The Book Is a Sequel to Dark Shadows and Catastrophe and Focuses On the Possible End of Civilization

June 25, 2018 – Author James Keenan is an intriguing author whose goal is to find intriguing anomalies and unusual or out of place events. He has written many fascinating surrounding strange and catastrophic events like Dark Shadows and Catastrophe and Blue Blood on the Border. His latest book is a continuation of Dark Shadows and Catastrophe and involves an even greater threat to the world.

Keenan’s new book is entitled 10/22/2036. The book takes place between the years 2013 and 2036. The story is about how the planet is about to experience a dramatic cataclysmic event. What is even more important is that the event in question has occurred on Earth in the past, but information on how it occurred and when it happened has been lost.

The story brings Patrick Kilian back into the fold. He is a man with supernatural powers who has been on this planet for centuries. He is on this planet solely to protect mankind from a disastrous event that could wipe out humanity. He knows that the world is on the path towards massive destruction, but he is struggling to find out what is happening so he can save humanity. The best way to describe Patrick is that he is like the Watcher as described in the Book of Enoch.

Patrick, his wife Cassy, and a few FBI agents are searching the planet to find a solution that will save humanity from itself. But as it turns out, it will be harder than Patrick could have ever imagined for him to find an answer for what can be done to save humanity.

10/22/2036 is a story that brings to mind the world of scientific exploration and understanding history and time. It is about recognizing the past but also looking into how the past might come back to influence the future. The intriguing nature of the story makes this one of the more intriguing books for people to check out today.

10/22/2036 is currently available for sale through James Keenan’s author page on Amazon. The book is expected to be a big page-turner surrounding morality and humanity and its role in the universe.

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